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How to Fight Boredom During Coronavirus Quarantine

by Elsa Stringer

This new coronavirus has made us turn towards ourselves and make us improve and entertain ourselves in times of boredom. There are many things that you can do and choose can be quite difficult since you might get hyped and start many things, and end up giving up on all of them and snuggling and binge-watching a TV show.

In order to assist you in breaking free from old habits and give your day a new twist, we have done extensive research and found many different ways how to be more entertained and less bored.

1. Reading a book


A good way to escape the reality is to create your own or dive into the fantasy world of a good book. Reading is an amazing activity that will increase your focus and help you expand your vocabulary.

It can be any book of your preference, starting from the ones that are a good thriller and have a very tense plot, over to the love stories. Maybe you like a good crime story or science fiction. There are many science popular books that are interesting; and do not, by any chance oversee good old classics such as Weltering heights, Anna Karenina, and others.

2. Cook a new meal


The kitchen has always been a place where the whole family gathers, and now, as there is plenty of time, you may try all of those recipes you wanted. Of, course, it is advised to make these as healthy a possible since we all want to get out of the quarantine looking the same if not better.

This can be a good opportunity to make a meal plan that is healthy and stick to it, making this time a good transition onto the diet that will make you even healthier. By introducing new eating habits, both you and your family will feel better and fight the boredom. More time at home will provide you with the opportunity for all of you to make these habits permanent.

3. Workout routine


While being on the lockdown you may want to get into a new workout routine. The internet is filled with at-home workouts, and you can do this on a daily bases or on days that you have determined to have physical activity on. This workout does not necessarily be a true strength or cardio. Yoga is a good way to stretch and relieve your spine of pain and give you a sense of serenity. Dancing routines may be a good way to get the heartbeats up and have fun at the same time.

4. Arts and crafts


If you are someone who is into do it yourself projects or are an artsy person it can be a good time to polish the skills you have and get to know new methods and styles of drawing, painting, or clay modeling. You can get your whole household to participate in the project and make the house more your own. This can be a good way to get the family together and have a relationship between the members improved.

5. Cleaning and redecorating


Most women are using this time to do the cleaning and redecorating of the home. This is due to more time as well as the spring, which is a perfect time to do the cleaning of the house. Of course, the whole family can be a part of this. This is important for the sense of unity and will also assist the one that is normally doing the cleaning.

6. Video games


Different games can be played and this can be an amazing way of passing time in the quarantine. Games are known to be entraining but they can be educational. When it comes to the games, there are many in the market, and one of the games that are very interesting and fast to get is Clash of Clans, this game is designed for the mobile phone.

This means that PC is not involved and that you can use the device you are probably already walking around. Clash of Clans can be put in the field of strategy games, and this is a great opportunity to practice your skills and improve the planning and assessments of the situation. It is fun and has great graphics so many users are downloading it an playing.

7. Getting in touch with your friends

There are different ways that you can contact your friends using apps that are available. These can be the ones for video chats, or regular phone calls. When it comes to this you may do the online party or get together or just talk and enjoy the company of the ones you care about.

8. Improve your skills


This time is excellent to get your skills improved since there is a lot of time for this. There are many online services that are providing different courses, so you can work on your professional and personal skills as well. It can be a drawing course where you will learn a new technique, you can learn a new programming language or any language what so ever. There are many webinars that you can attend on and this can be a good passing time.

Also, many services have unlocked their services and give more options for free since there is a need for improvements. In addition to this, you may work on your body and soul. Meditation is a good way to get a hand of anxious feelings and be calmer in this very stressful situation. Working on your skills will give you a sense of peace and accomplishment, this is especially important for your wellbeing.


As you can see, there are many ways to fight boredom; from reading a good book in order to be entertained as well as to improve your vocabulary; some will choose this time to get a new, healthier lifestyle including more fruits and vegetables in their diets. New workout routines may emerge from this quarantine, as well as new professional and personal skills.
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