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Melania Trump Refused to Honor These First Lady Traditions

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 01/22/2020: Melania Trump became the First Lady of the United States the moment her husband, Donald Trump, was inaugurated. So, since 2017 she enjoys her life in this role, but not quite as previous first ladies. There are a couple of First Lady traditions Melania doesn’t seem to care about.

In January of 2017, Melania and Donald finally became POTUS and FLOTUS. At first, she seemed thrilled with her role and everything that comes with it. But, after some time, it turned out that she won’t follow protocols established by the ladies that were in her skin before.

Melania Trump

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Melania Trump, as the First Lady doesn’t have rules that she needs to obey. But, throughout the years,’ several traditions developed among the first ladies. Melania decided not to care too much about any of these. She took the role of the First Lady as her own without making step-backs.

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The first thing Melania didn’t do was moving immediately to the White House. For months after Donald moved in, she spent time in New York. Trump was inaugurated in January, and Melania moved in during July. According to sources, she did this so Barron could finish the year in the school where he started.

For years the first ladies hosted a state dinner after moving into the White House. The dinner is held at the end of every year. Of course, Melania shunned this tradition as Donald Trump didn’t have state dinner last year.

Also she refused to attend State of the Union with her husband. Eventually, she did arrive at the spot, but separately and with her group of guests. In previous years during the mandates of Barack Obama and George W. Bush, making State of the Union appearance together was almost mandatory for both President and the First Lady.

As you can see, Melania Trump is not a slave to previously established traditions. But, if Donald Trump gets another term in the White House, she will have time to change her habits.

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