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Melania Trump Desperately Tries to Mimic European Royalty

by Sinisav

ECONOTIMES – 02/13/2020: One thing that Melania Trump gets accused the most is plagiarism. It seems that the First Lady can’t find a style of her own, and is in constant need to copy others. Her fashion style is not wholly her. Recently Melania got compared to Spain Queen Letizia.

Kate Bennett, who is the author of a book called Free Melania, recently posted photos of Melania and Letizia side by side. The similarity in the way they are dressed is undeniable. It’s either they have similar tastes, or one is copying the other.

Melania Trump

Source: footwearnews.com

If you take a careful look at the pictures, you will see that dresses look the same, minus a couple of minor details. The cape dresses have different sleeve lengths, but in color and style, they are almost identical.

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Queen of Spain, Letizia, is a former journalist. She is often dubbed as the best-dressed woman in Europe. The style Melania looks to nurture resembles Letizia in many ways. In another photo, also posted by Free Melania author, Kate Bennett, you can see Letizia and Melania dressed in precisely the same dress.

Because of this, Melania Trump is often labeled as a copycat. But, the Queen of Spain is not the only inspiration Melania trump has. In the past, she copied other famous persons.

Melania was accused of copying parts of speech that initially belonged to the previous First Lady Michelle Obama. This story was confirmed by members of Melania Trump’s staff that work for her in the White House. Her initiative Be Best also derives from something Barack Obama’s wife once told while guesting at Oprah Winfrey Show.

Her attire worn at Donald Trump’s inauguration was compared to the one Jackie Kennedy worn in the past. It seems FLOTUS loves to copy former first ladies and European Royals. At least she has good role models.

Source: econotimes.com