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Donald Trump Breaks Another Record in His 2024 Campaign

by Sinisav

CNN – 02/13/2020: Trump’s presidential campaign is in full motion. Only during January, they have managed to raise more than $60 million. With the sum they have from before, Republican National Committee and Donald Trump have over $200 million to invest in his campaign.

The money collected gives Trump an advantage over his rivals. The reason is simple. POTUS is the only candidate on the Republican side. At the same time, Democrat Part has many candidates, and none of them manage to come near the sum Donald Trump already has. Among Democrats, Senator Bernie Sanders is doing the best job.

Donald Trump

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Vermont Senator managed to raise more than $25 million during January. But this sum might not be enough to parry to what Trump has. While Democrats still don’t know who is going to be their candidate, Republicans are making a strong case for Trump. He’s already leading in polls, spending money on ads, and animates crowds at rallies.

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The sign that his campaign is in full swing is his visit to the Republican National Committee in Rosslyn, Virginia. This is Trump’s first-ever visit to the RNC headquarters. The official HQ of Trump’s campaign is in New York, but all of his staff and officials tasked with the campaign operate from Rosslyn.

If we get back to the start of 2019, the sum Republicans raised for Trump is even more significant. Since January of 2019, they amassed more than $525 million. With this much GOP believes that they and their candidate Donald Trump are in pole position for November win.

According to Brad Parscale, Democrats were very helpful to Trump’s fundraisers. Thanks to the failed impeachment process, and division present in the Democrat party, people rushed to donate to Donald Trump’s cause. Now, we have record-setting support for Trump counting both money and poll results. Because of this, Republicans believe that no Democrat candidate will be able to defeat Donald Trump, the 45th US President.

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