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Melania Refuses to Hold Donald’s Hand at LSU-Clemson Game

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 01/15/2020: Donald Trump can make any situation awkward. But, this time, it was not him who did it, but his beautiful wife, Melania Trump. The presidential couple was in New Orleans for the National Championship game between LSU and Clemson.

During the anthem, Mr. Trump and the First Lady were holding hands. At one moment, it appeared that Melania snatched her hand from Donald’s. Twitter users couldn’t miss this, and the video that shows the motion started trending.


Source: thebulletintime.com

When the events, such is this college game, are in question, the First Lady usually follows her husband. It was like that at the Tigers vs. Tigers game, which decided the champion, as the pair entered the field together before the match started.

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The crowd was on the President’s side, and he received the cheers through the entire time he spent on the field. The anthem was playing, and there was no kneeling controversy. But, at one moment, Melania decided that she’s not comfortable holding hands with the President and withdraw her hand from his grasp.

After she did it, there was an uneasiness felt between the couple. Melania’s face was dead serious, despite there was no apparent reason for her actions. A few moments later, Donald once again reached for her hand.

In the last few days, it was not POTUS in the center of attention but rather his wife. She’s not doing great on Twitter like her husband and is under barrage fire in the past week from Twitter users.

First, she was criticized for her decorations of the White House; after that, she was under scrutiny for the outfit she chose to wear during LSU-Clemson game, and in the end, there’s hand-holding incident.

Melania Trump should be more careful about how she acts in public, and what she posts on Twitter as millions of people keep her under surveillance. If she wants to remain First Lady for the next four years, she’s better to act accordingly.

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