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Melania Lied One Thing About Barron Claims Donald Trump

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 01/28/2020: Melania Trump doesn’t always speak the truth. Maybe we wouldn’t know this if it wasn’t for her husband, President Donald Trump. In one of her interviews, Melania stated that she is a ‘hands-on,’ mother regarding their youngest son Barron.

When talking to People magazine, Melania said that she doesn’t need any help with her son Barron. She added that she’s a ‘hands-on’ mother. According to the First Lady, the support she has is reduced to a minimum. Melania also said that if you have too many helpers, you don’t get to know your children enough.


Source: telegraph.co.uk

But, if you ask her husband, Donald, Melania isn’t doing it all by herself. There’s a woman that works with Barron, according to POTUS. President was very clear on this. So it seems Melania wanted to take all the credit to herself for some reason.

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Considering how much obligations the First Lady has, it was hard to believe she would have time for everything her son Barron needs. Considering one of Barron’ s statements, his life went for worse after his father became the President. According to people close to Barron Trump, he feels downgraded after moving to the White House.

For most people, this would be hard to comprehend. The reason is simple. Before Donald Trump run for office, the Trump family lived in Trump Tower. According to sources close to Trump’s, Barron had an entire floor all for himself. There was also no Secret Service agents in sight. After moving to the White House, every step of all members of the Trump family is duly monitored.

It seems that most younger members of the Trump family don’t enjoy tight surveillance. A few weeks ago, children of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner had issues with Secret Service agents.

Source: express.co.uk