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Melania Finally Talked About Coronavirus, And it Backfired Immensely

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 03/13/2020: Internet users targeted Melania Trump after she failed to mention coronavirus in her two latest public appearances. But, she decided to change things and finally acknowledged the existence of this virus in her open addressing. But, it didn’t go all that well.

During her speech at National Parent-Teacher, the First Lady failed to speak about America’s most significant current crisis, and she was heavily criticized for it. Considering that she spoke at a parent-teacher event, and we have more than six hundred schools closed because of coronavirus, she was obligated to so. At least, this was something everyone expected to be the focus of the conversation.

Melania Trump

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Now, finally, after critics bore fruit, Melania Trump talked about the issue. She, unlike her husband Donald, who now only speaks about coronavirus, stayed silent up until now. Yesterday she shared a post, posted initially by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, and decided to give a motivational message to her followers.

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FLOTUS wrote: “Our great country is fighting hard against the #Coronavirus. This nation is strong & ready & we will overcome. Please take action to prevent further spread. Visit http://cdc.gov for updated health info & updates.”

After weeks of silence, Melania’s first post regarding coronavirus wasn’t greeted with praise. Instead, netizens stormed her Twitter account with more critics and accusations. They also had harsh messages for her husband: “If you care at all about the well being of the people your husband serves. Then tell him we need more testing for the virus. Eight tests conducted by CDC in one day is not enough. We need accurate testing. Be your best, and do what is right. Demand covid-19 tests be made available now.”

Another user pointed out that Donald Trump isn’t dealing with the situation adequately: “Your husband’s COMPLETE INCOMPETENCE is making this even more of a disaster. You aren’t helping.”

The way things stand now, the First Lady had it better when she ignored coronavirus. But now that she acknowledged the crisis around her, a mild action like this isn’t helping. She, together with her husband, should be in the front lines if they want to lead this country for the next four years.

Source: express.co.uk