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Donald Trump Removed Melania’s Furniture From The White House

by Sinisav

ECONOTIMES – 03/12/2020: It is an old story that Melania Trump and Donald Trump don’t get along. But they always find a way to fuel these claims. They are different, and it gets harder for them to hide this fact. Their personalities are nothing alike, but now we are going to talk about their difference in taste.

As you already know, when Donald assumed the office, Melania and their son Barron didn’t immediately follow. They joined after Barron finished the school year in New York. Before Melania and Barron arrived, the First lady received a $100,000 check, which was to be spent for White House renovation.

Donald Trump

Source: politicalflare.com

Melania used this money wisely as he bought hand-made furniture with the help of famous designer Ralph Lauren. Melania, who is a former supermodel, took a lot of pride in selecting the furniture, and she went with modern lines for the White House, her new home.

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As you can guess, this didn’t sit well with POTUS. Donald Trump has a different taste, and he insists on gold furniture. One New York Times article writes about this: “Mrs. Trump, a former fashion model who prefers clean, modern lines, had chosen some furniture for the White House residence in the months before she joined her husband in Washington. Yet in her absence, President Trump — whose tastes veer toward the gilded, triumphal style of Louis XIV — replaced her choices with several pieces he liked better.”

While the First Lady usually handles things like these, it would seem that POTUS had the final say as the White House now has many gold details.

The same article concluded that it’s not unusual that pairs don’t agree on things like furniture and that this is not strange coming from the presidential couple: “Though unconventional to some, having distinct personal spaces is commonplace for the couple, who reportedly maintain the same arrangement while traveling together, opting for separate hotel suites.”

Source: econotimes.com