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Madonna Drinks Pee on Video – You Won’t Believe Why

by Tracy Finke

The famous singer Madonna posted on her Instagram TV page a video showing what she is doing when she wants to regain her strength. The queen of pop enters in a bathtub full of ice and then drinks a cup full of urine.

Madonna claims the cup contains her own urine, which she drinks after an ice bath. This video has triggered divided reactions among the public worldwide.

Image source: Instagram

“Shall we start an ice bath challenge? 41 degrees. The best treatment for injuries!”, the 61-year-old singer captioned the video in which she was sparring in her hotel bathroom with performer Ahlamalik Williams before she shared with fans her unusual post-show routine.

Madonna is currently on her Madame X Tour. This move of hers is widely talked about around the globe, and many are shocked by the content in the video.