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What Is Madonna’s Secret Diet?

by Elsa Stringer

Pop queen Madonna is 61 years old, but judging by her figure and beauty, she is much younger than that. The secret behind her incredible longevity is her diet.


However, before she became famous, she struggled with losing weight. It was only after she started following the principles of a macrobiotic diet that she began to lose weight, and in record speed.

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Madonna is a fan of such a lifestyle and diet, and has been for decades. She feels great about it and she has been “stuck” on 48 kilograms for years. A fit line was her biggest goal, as well as becoming and keeping healthy.


The focus of a macrobiotic diet is balance, similar to yin and yang. Dairy products, fruit, bread, and refined cereals are one group, the sour group, and they are harder to digest. They must be perfectly balanced with vegetables, unrefined cereals, plants, spices, fish, and seafood, which are the entire second group, lighter and easier to process.

In order for fats not to accumulate, a daily balance is necessary. Fresh and unprocessed foods should dominate the diet too, which contributes to less tiredness and prevents chronic diseases. What is more, never eat quickly and when you are in a rush. Take your time with every meal.


Madonna has 3 main meals per day, and 2 snacks that are always fruits or vegetables. A cooked food is a must for lunch. She never consumes junk food, fizzy drinks, potatoes, tomatoes, coffee, alcohol, or eggs.


Around 40% of her food is carbohydrates from green vegetables and cereals, and 30% are combined proteins and fats. She does not eat meat, which he traded for seafood.

An example of her breakfast is oatmeal, lemonade, and 1 orange.

For lunch, she eats a fresh cabbage and celery salad, a green vegan veggie soup, a piece of whole-wheat bread, and shrimp.

Her snacks are usually dried fruit, a grapefruit, or a fresh mango.

For dinner, the pop legend eats an avocado salad with spices and onions, and a bowl of boiled rice.


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