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The Most Unlikely Items You Can Freeze or Refrigerate 

by Rhydian Choi

Are you aware of the benefits of storing certain items in a fridge or freezer? While the kitchen sink seems like a convenient spot, expensive products thrive in controlled environments. Discover which household or business items can benefit from refrigeration or freezing to enhance their quality and lifespan.

Do you have items that should be kept in a dark and cool place? The first thought that comes to mind when storing these items is to place them under the kitchen sink. But people that have expensive products sometimes store them in fridges or blast freezers.

Some items work better when you keep them in a fridge that’s set to a specific temperature. Other items last longer if you freeze them. Find out what products around your house or business you should start storing in the fridge or freezer to boost their quality or longevity.

Items You Can Refrigerate

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Although there are products that should be kept in a cold environment, there are items that you shouldn’t freeze but simply keep at fridge temperature. Find out why in this section.

After Sun Lotion and Face Creams

Have you ever experienced sunburn so terrible that you could barely move? Placing cold lotions on your sunburn can soothe the burn and reduce inflammation. Place your after sun lotion in the fridge for a few hours and then use it every two hours to ease your discomfort.

On the other hand, lotions and face moisturisers can also show bacteria growth so experts suggest keeping these products refrigerated. Products containing vitamin C and retinol should also be kept in the fridge because the cold temperatures slow down the deterioration of these ingredients.

Place your face creams in the fridge so you have a cool substance to put on your skin. The cool lotion could also reduce puffiness in the face or under eye bags.

Your Roll-On, Deodorant and Perfume

If you experience extremely hot and humid weather where you live, consider placing your roll-on or deodorant in the fridge. The coolness of the roll-on or spray can give you a temporary relief from the heat and make your product last longer.

Keeping your deodorant, roll on and perfumes in the fridge can preserve their scent. Additionally, if you use waxed based roll-ons, keeping them in the fridge can prevent them from melting.

Old School Camera Film

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Do you have a retro camera instead of a digital device? Then you may want to store your film in the fridge to preserve them. Companies like Polaroid recommend storing your film flat in a fridge that has a constant temperature between 5°C and 18°C.

Nail Polish

Nail polish can become difficult to apply if you don’t store it correctly. The varnish can become thick and clumpy and won’t dry evenly when you use it. Store your nail polish in the fridge to keep it smooth and preserve its shelf life.


Similar to lotions, certain types of makeup can become riddled with harmful bacteria that can affect your skin and eyes. If you place these items in the fridge the low temperatures can prevent bacteria growth.

Keeping your makeup in the fridge can also prolong the life of your makeup even after your items have expired. What’s more, mascara and liquid liners will work more precisely if they’re kept at lower temperatures.

Items You Can Freeze

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There are certain items that will work more effectively if you store them in freezing temperatures. Find out what you can place in your freezer in this section.

Seeds Germinate Better

If you have produce seeds that you don’t want to plant immediately you can keep them in the freezer to prevent mould growth. Freezing your seeds also allows them to stay dormant until you’re ready to plant them. It’s also suggested that seeds germinate more effectively after being frozen.

Fabrics – Get Rid of Dust Mites

If you have a large freezer you can place certain fabrics inside, such as:

  • Pillowcases
  • Stuffed animals
  • Small rugs
  • Fabric hair bands
  • Sheets

Placing these items in the freezer can rid them of dust mites and even remove unpleasant odours. Be sure to place your items in plastic bags so they don’t contaminate your food items.


Source: today.com

Pantyhose that have been stored in the freezer are less likely to develop runs when you’re putting them on. This is because the fibres are constricted by the cold, making them more durable. Cold pantyhose can also give you some relief on a hot day.


Soy and beeswax candles tend to burn better after being frozen. If you have scented candles the cold temperatures can preserve the perfumes inside the product and enhance their fragrance. Freezing your candles can also slow down the rate they burn. You can store your candles in the freezer for as long as you like.

Final Thoughts

Keeping certain items frozen or refrigerated can preserve them and even make them work better. For personal use, or for your business, a large freezer and fridge can be a wise investment, so you have ample space to store any of these items. With this unique approach, you’ll get the most out of the products from now on.