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Lisa Armstrong Unrecognizable at Friends Wedding

by Nebojša Vujinović

You can do it if you just try enough. Lisa Armstrong is a perfect example of a transformation each of us can undergo if we put in the work. She attended a friend’s wedding and her weight loss was more than noticeable. Furthermore, she was in a company of a new man in her life. So, wins on all fronts.

James Green is her new boyfriend, and the man put a smile on her face, as everyone in attendance at the named wedding could see. All you need to do is take a look at her latest Instagram posts, and you’ll see that she’s advancing in every aspect of her life. The make-up artist found happiness at last. The weekend in her life was dedicated to a friend’s wedding and she dressed up accordingly.

Source: mirror.co.uk

Like it is customary these days she shared pictures from the event on her social media platforms. She snapped a couple of photos, and we could see the way she sculpted her body, and that she opted for a floral mini-dress for this occasion. Her hair was put in a braid, and make-up went accordingly with her blond hair. Her partner was in a navy blue suit, white shirt, and a matching blue tie.

The photo of the pair was captioned with: A beautiful day spent with beautiful friends…. @lotttiepop and @chrisgibson100 what an amazing day…. Love you both so much… @james_green83 and I had the best time!!” Armstrong met her new man last year during the summer, and one year later their relationship is blooming. After Lisa’s divorce from Ant McPartlin, she decided to continue with her life, and so far everything is going perfectly.

In recent times Lisa has been in the news but for all the wrong reasons. If you haven’t been following her closely, she took a dig at her ex-boyfriend after his team Ant and Dec won National Television Award. The pair isn’t on good terms despite a twelve years marriage. The pair split in 2018, but things still haven’t settled down.

She was provoked by what the pair’s long-time manager wrote on social media: “20 years! So so proud of my amazing friends Ant and Dec for winning Best TV Presenter at the NTA’s for the 20th year in a row! And proud to say I have been with them at the awards every year of those 20 wins. We’ve been on a brilliant journey so far and long may it continue.”

He didn’t have to wait too long to hear from Lisa Armstrong. She responded with: “And you don’t care who you screw over in the process. Well done.” Simon Jones, the manager, hit back immediately: “Lisa, please don’t come on to my Instagram with your negativity and false accusations. It really is about time you moved on and got on with your life, and stopped unfairly blaming other people for your mistakes.”

While Lisa managed to cut down her weight and hit off with a new man, obviously she still has a message or two for her ex-husband and his friends.