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Life-Sized Bratz Doll Karin Jinsui Impresses in One-Piece Bodysuit

by Sinisav

Karin Jinsui doesn’t stop to impress us. This Instagram influencer just shared another sensual photo. The life-sized Bratz doll decided to treat her fans with a perfect photo showing her in a one-piece black bodysuit with long black sleeves.

Karin takes a lot of pride in looking like a Bratz doll, a moniker her friends gave her when she was young. She is a make-up artist and a YouTuber in addition to being an Instagram influencer and Fashion Nova model. As you can see, she loves to experiment with her hair.

Karin Jinsui

Source: instagram.com

In her latest post, we can see she has an entirely new shade of scarlet adorning her hair. She looks like a superhero from Marvel movies with this new look, as it’s hard not to notice the resemblance. The black bodysuit shows off her curves that are the prominent part of her unique body.

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For this occasion, Karin Jinsui decided to go light on jewelry, as she has a necklace with a cross on her neck and a similar pearl type of jewelry around her neck and wrist of the left hand.

The Harlem based model has 1.8 million followers at the moment, and her account keeps on growing. The photo we are talking about today was published sixteen hours ago, and it has over 80 thousand likes, and this number will soon reach 100k. It was well-received by fans as at the moment of writing of this article, it has 772 comments.

Considering the unique look the life-sized Bratz doll sports, it’s only a matter of time when we will be seeing her more in videos such as Kylie Jenner’s video ‘Glosses.’