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Karin Jinsui, The Life-Sized Bratz Doll Poses in a Knee-High Racy Boots!

by Sinisav

Today we have so many Instagram influencers that want to stand out, but it’s not easy as it looks. You need originality, provocativeness, good looks, and above all, to be unique. Karin Jinsui is all of the above.

The girl that calls herself “Life-Sized Bratz Doll” posts new photos every day, and she doesn’t stop to amaze us. Karin started as a YouTuber sharing videos of hair and makeup tutorials.

Karin Jinsui

Source: instagram.com

But her fame comes from Instagram, and this is why we are here today. Karin Jinsui decided to share a set of photos. In these pictures, she is wearing knee-high boots, blue short shorts, and a yellow shirt. She wanted to promote her braids. With her juicy lips, Karin is looking fabulous in these pictures.

In only a couple of hours, she has almost 100,000 likes. Considering that her Instagram account has 1.8 million followers, this number will only grow. It didn’t stop growing since she shared her first photo back in July of 2014.

Karin gained prominence after her appearance in Kylie Jenner’s video ‘Glosses.’

While she’s been promoting herself as “Life-Sized Bratz Doll,” people gave her another moniker. There are those who claim that she’s Nicki Minaj lookalike. It doesn’t matter which one is it because she’s garnering attention for her looks, and numerous photos she shares on Instagram.

Of course, her body is one of a kind, as you can see in the post below, where she poses in a gold bikini. We are sure she will have more followers after this article; we know we are one of them.