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Lady Gaga Delivered Copies of Her New Album in a Truck

by Nebojša Vujinović

Award-winning pop star Lady Gaga, 34, took matters into her own hands during the coronavirus pandemic. She decided to deliver albums to her fans in a truck, while wearing a special surgical mask as protection.

The famous artist delivered copies of her newest album “Chromatica” to her loyal followers in Los Angeles. In a white truck, with a spiky pink surgical mask on her face, she drove around and surprised her fans.

Source: Instagram.com

Gaga’s new album already broke some records online. On her Instagram account, she shared photos from her delivery in which she is sitting behind the wheel of a white delivery vehicle. Her team decorated the truck with the same art that her album utilizes.

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Source: Instagram.com

The spiky pink mask is very reminiscent of the “Mad Max” movie franchise, in which the characters wear all sorts of similarly menacing clothes and gadgets. She has already used props like this one in her music videos.

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Source: Instagram.com

Lady Gaga already has a huge fan following all over the world. Her latest stunt will probably give her even more supporters, since she showed how much she cares about the happiness of the people who support her.

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Source: Instagram.com