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Kobe Bryant to Become the NBA Logo?

by Elsa Stringer

The death of Kobe Bryant shocked the world of basketball, and the wider public in general. In Los Angeles, the home of his Lakers, murals, memorials, and tributes have been appearing every day since the fatal helicopter crash that killed the legendary basketball player, his daughter, and seven other people.


Numerous athletes and celebrities expressed their condolences and sadness regarding the sad event. In the world of basketball however, something else has happened. Kobe’s fellow colleagues and other basketball staff came up with an idea to replace the well-known NBA logo silhouette of Jerry West, who also played for the Lakers, with a new logo inspired by Bryant.

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Fans received this idea with open arms and hearts, taking it online with their creativity and designing tons of new logos in an effort to reach the NBA officials and make them think about this idea.


Artists like Usher, Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Meek Mill, Two Chainz, and many other supported the idea on Instagram, urging the people in charge to make this happen. More than 3.2 million people signed the online petition for the logo change too.


Even Jerry “The Logo” West likes it and would not have a problem. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and retired player Paul Pierce are up for it, while current Lakers like LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Kyle Kuzma were all asked about it and seem to support it.

The old logo has been in use since 1969. Alan Siegel made it in an effort to rebrand the ABA logo and make it bigger, better, and more modern. He said it was not really Jerry West, but the NBA neither confirmed it nor denied it. Siegel chose the famous West photo because it was dynamic, and it captured the essence of the game. Both him and West want the league to change it because the simple dribbling of the ball is not what the league is about today.


This is why someone like Bryant would capture the exact values that NBA holds dear, which is the strive to become the best there is, to work hard and compete, and to be a family oriented person.

The 24 and 8 second violations in honor of Kobe, as well as teams either wearing the two numbers or changing them in his honor were things that teams and players did over the past weeks to remember “The Black Mamba”. The All-Star game will also be changed to pay tribute to Kobe, Gianna, and all of the victims of the crash.


Teams Kobe dominated against even made special video tributes, and the Lakers-Clippers game was postponed. LeBron James held a special speech at their next home game during an emotional tribute night when emotions overflew.


Still, the fans wants the league to do more and change the logo in the honor of the great Kobe Bryant. He has done so much for the league, for LA, and for the world, inspiring millions to never give up, to become the best they can at what they do, and made whole generations pick up the basketball for the first time. He is widely respected and loved, so it more than makes sense to honor his legacy like this.