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Know How Pizza Reduces the Risk of Cancer

by Edvard Berlusconi

While it is great to eat meals that taste great, but what if the great taste presents you with special ingredients which helps you reduce the risk of cancer. now more than ever, foodies have the option to eat healthier and eat their way. It’s a great time to take steps to healthier living.

This is most important especially if you want to eliminate any cancer elements in the near future. If you’ve received a diagnosis, we understand that you may want to do anything you can big or small to have a better shot at beating this enemy.

Fortunately, it’s much easier to create a health regimen that is effective, and that gets results. How about pizza; it’s healthy right? Sure, in the past we wouldn’t consider pizza as one of the healthiest choices out there, but with more knowledge available about food in general, we now know it’s beneficial. Pizza is not only one of the tastier ways to get the necessary vitamins and nutrients, but it’s one of the most fun. Pizza is an empty canvas of which you can bring a bunch of ingredients together and make them sing in harmony!

Can the Great Lake State show and prove? You bet it can! Can the Best Pizza Places in Michigan deliver on health and flavor? We say yes! The possibilities are endless! If you’re a native and would love to try something new, or you’re looking to take a vacation, we’d love to help! So, are you ready to learn what cancer-fighting ingredients can be found in the Best Pizza Places in Michigan? We’ll let you know what is out there so you can not only enjoy your experience, but you can load on the cancer-fighting ingredients and take your best shot against cancer. Let’s do this!



Tomatoes are considered to be a Cancer-fighting superfood! They have an antioxidant called lycopene that will give cancer a 1, 2 punch! You know that pizza sauce is loaded with tomatoes, but how about adding some on top of your pizza as well? If you’re not big on fresh tomatoes, you can still get your lycopene in the form of a fresh-tasting sauce. As you can probably guess, every pizza place in the great state of Michigan has pizza sauce, but you may be happier to find that many of them make their sauces fresh, and their pizzas from scratch!



Garlic has many benefits and is also considered a superfood! How would you like to try a pizza made with fresh garlic? How about a pizza with a fresh garlic sauce? Each one is beneficial as fresh garlic is known to shrink cancerous tumors.



We understand that onions are an acquired taste and people generally hate them or love them. Just in case your passion is the latter, we encourage you to load on the onion! Red onions, in particular, are known to fight cancer cells, so they are a great addition to your taste experience, however yellow or white will do. You can imagine that you’ll find onions as an option on every menu, and while you’re ordering your Supreme don’t hesitate to ask for a few more.



There are few sauces that don’t include oregano across the board, so you can be sure to find a place that serves pizza with oregano mixed in. This is a good thing because it has antioxidants and kills cancer cells. Oregano is pretty potent so unless you know your herbs we wouldn’t suggest adding extra, but it helps to know that it’s playing a part. It’s not just flavorful, but helpful in your fight.

Olive Oil


Olives are not only one of the world’s healthiest foods, but they will help you build your immunity against cancer. Not only do they fight cancer but they fight other common diseases, so if you like olives, you may want to add extra to your next order! Olives and olive oil are both beneficial so you’ll be happy to know that you can get your fair share of the olive love with your pizza order. Olive oil is an ingredient in pizza sauce in many of the pizza places, as well as a last-minute garnish and you can add black olives as a topping as well.


If no one has to take you to eat your spinach anymore, but you dig having fresh spinach on your pizza, then don’t hesitate to add it the next time you make an order. Spinach has an antioxidant that protects against cancer, and as you may already know it has many other benefits. If you want a spinach pizza that is extra tasty, try an Alfredo pizza. You won’t regret it and you can find it right here in Michigan!!

Bell Peppers


Whether you order, yellow, red, or green on your pizza, you are doing your body a favor by including them. They contain cancer-fighting antioxidants as well a healthy amount of sulfur that cancer hates. You will find green bell for sure at any of the best pizza spots of Michigan. Some offer yellow and red as well.


For those who love a little Hawaain flair when it comes to their pizza every now and then, next time be sure to add a little more pineapple. Pineapples have bromelain, which is an enzyme that kills cancer cells and is great at building immunity.

Cruciferous Vegetables


Have you ever tried vegetarian pizza? Have you ever tasted vegan cheese? Well if not, it’s a great option for you if you want to eat a healthy meal. We didn’t want to leave you out, as we know that many of the best cancer-fighting ingredients are the less traditional toppings that you may love all the more. Cruciferous vegetables are green and leafy, like kale, and broccoli, this also includes cauliflower which is not so much green but still very healthy. Cruciferous veggies fight the growth of cancer.

What a relief it is that you can be healthier while enjoying the food you love. To get the best results, you may want to go vegetarian or vegan route, however, if you’re just getting started, adding these ingredients alone is a great start. We hope that we can help you to stay or even get in the fight. We hope that by making better food choices, your mind is more at ease. If you’d like to find a place where you have cancer-fighting options, and optimal taste, the Green Lantern Pizza, is at your service! Try our Hawaiin, Vegetarian, or Everything pizza and while you’re at it, you can add a healthy salad to make your meal complete. Cancer may be a disease but ingredients in it help fight with cancer but are assured that these pizza ingredients offer many benefits. You’re bound to find the perfect fit, at one of the Best Pizza Places in Michigan.