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Halloween Contacts Useful Information

by Edvard Berlusconi

Get the perfect look for Halloween by changing the look of your eyes with Halloween contact lenses. However, note that it could be detrimental to your eyesight if you do not properly care for them. Another common name for the Halloween contact lenses is the decorative contact lenses though these other names work as well namely fashion contact lenses, theatre contact lenses, and cosmetic contact lenses.

Halloween contact lenses such as those at CosplayLens do not correct your vision and they only change the look of your eyes. For example, they can change your brown eyes to blue temporarily or make your eyes look like vampire eyes or cat eyes.

Just like different corrective contact lenses, the same case applies to Halloween contact lenses when you want to buy them. Do not buy them from a Halloween store, street vendor, flea market, a beauty supply store, or a novelty store; a prescription is a must always.


Before stepping out with your brand new look, there are risks you need to know.  Wearing Halloween contact lenses is risky if you do not practice good hygiene, just like wearing contact lenses that correct your vision. Wearing any contact lenses can result in infection if you do not wash your hands at all.

Before you use Halloween contact lenses, ensure you follow the directions laid out for disinfecting, cleaning and wearing the lenses.

Before buying Halloween contact lenses,  ask yourself if you are responsible enough in ensuring you would wash your hands before using the lenses and remembering not to sleep with them.

Follow every step about caring for your contact lenses. Stick to the instructions about cleaning, wearing, and disinfecting Halloween contact lenses. I


Do not share your Halloween contact lenses with anyone else just like you would not share a toothbrush. This is just plain common sense but unfortunately, it seems like not everyone has common sense. In life, without a basic common sense, you are a risk to yourself even with almost any objects and it is not the matter of the contact lenses itself. It is a matter of your ownself and whether you are responsible enough to practice good hygiene when handling the lenses

You can buy Halloween contact lenses from your eye doctor, a mail-order company, or on the internet. It is imperative to only buy contact lenses from a reputable company.


Safe Halloween contact lenses are fun and give you the chance to cosplay vampire and zombie characters. Many people love blind white contact lenses and black sclera lenses. Red contact lenses are also very popular and can come in many different shapes and designs.

Some less common colors are yellow and green lenses as most Halloween characters do not have such eye colors. Most zombie characters have white or black eyes. White eyes are not only scary but also eye-catching which is why it is a favorite among cosplayers who want the perfect, horror look. It is becoming more and more popular nowadays which is not surprising considering how it looks.