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Botox Dos and Don’ts for Before and After Your Session

by Dangula Bingula

When you make the decision to receive a treatment such as Botox, knowing what to do before and after your treatment will ensure your results last longer and you have a better experience.

This article will provide you with some dos and don’ts that will improve your experience, whether this is your first or third time.

Botox Dos and Don’ts: Before Your Session


Here are the dos and don’ts you should follow prior to your Botox session.

Do choose a qualified clinician. The skills of your injector make a massive difference to your experience and taking the time to choose the right professional is well worth the effort. Do your research and find a clinician that has the necessary experience and qualifications.

Don’t hide things from your clinician. In order for you to have a safe experience, it’s important to be as upfront as possible about your medical history and lifestyle. The more information your clinician has, the better your results will be.
Do make sure this is the right choice for you. Many patients make the mistake of thinking that Botox and fillers are one and the same but this isn’t the case. Make sure that Botox is definitely the right choice based on your needs.

Do be clear about your expectations. You and your clinician should be on the same page about what you want to achieve and what can realistically be achieved. You should also get clear on the specific areas you want to treat.
Don’t take medication that could thin your blood. Before you receive treatment at a clinic such as miraclinic.com.au, make sure that you stop taking any medications or supplements that could thin your blood at least a week before your session.

This will minimize any bruising.

Do ask as many questions as you need to. If this is your first-time getting Botox or with a new clinician, ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable. From questions about the procedure to questions about their experience and qualifications, you have every right to ask.

Botox Dos and Don’ts: After Your Session


To ensure you achieve the best possible results, here are a few guidelines to follow after your session.

Don’t touch the injected area. Since Botox can migrate to other areas, it’s important not to rub or massage the injected area for 24 hours.
Do take it easy exercise-wise. Strenuous physical activity should also be avoided for a day or two to ensure the treatment can settle and take effect.
Do watch what you consume. It’s still important to avoid large quantities of alcohol and blood-thinning medication for a week after your session to avoid bruising.
Don’t schedule any additional treatments for 24 hours. If you’re planning on receiving any other treatments such as peels or facials, wait at least 24 hours before scheduling them.
Do get in touch with your clinician if you experience problems. If you are unhappy with your results or experience any side effects, get in touch with your clinician sooner rather than later.

By following the simple dos and don’ts outlined above, there’s no reason why you won’t have a positive experience at your upcoming Botox session.