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Kim Kardashian Shares an Old College Photo on Instagram

by Elsa Stringer

Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian has shared a throwback photograph on her Instagram page. In the photo, the now 39-year-old brunette recalled a dear memory form her college days.

She can be seen together with her best friend Allison Statter, now 40, during the time of their studies. The pair is hugging and smiling in the photo. Kim looks vastly different than now, with much shorter hair and different makeup style.


The caption reads, “Found this pic of Allison and I from college and it made me LOL I have so many questions. What is this hair style? My turquoise liner?”

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Allison and Kim have been friends for decades, and they know each other from school. Kim wished her dear friend a happy birthday two months ago, again on Instagram, where she posted a touching message and shared another photo of them.


Back then, she wrote this:

“Happy 40th Birthday to my best friend in the entire world Allison!!! We’ve been through everything together and I’m the luckiest girl to have the same best friend my whole life! My family!”