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Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez Teamed Up for a Hilarious Ad

by Elsa Stringer

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, with a combined total of 257 million followers on Instagram, have joined their forces for a new hilarious ad. What’s more, Jennifer’s fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, also appears in the ad. The singer and the media personality joined their forces on an ad for Portal by Facebook.

Portal by Facebook is a video calling system, which automatically adjusts if you’re moving around the room. The ad features, Kim with a green mask on a video call with Jennifer, who rocks a pink mask. The two celebrities chat about the upcoming annual Christmas party.

The 39-year-old reality star/mogul pulled her long tresses back and wears a black T-shirt tucked into her sweat bottoms. On the other hand, Jennifer rocks dark green and blue flannel pyjamas and her hair is in a bun. Her fiancé joins them wearing matching sleepwear with a black shirt beneath. What’s more, he is also sporting a pink face mask!

The ad begins with Jennifer pouring a cup of tea in a J emblazoned gold and white cup in the kitchen. “Kim, I love that Portal lets us have time together,” she starts the conversation.

The ad then shows Kim walking from her kitchen to her living room. She then takes a seat and responds, “I know right. I have so many amazing ideas for the holiday party.”


“Ooh top secret?”, Jennifer says excitedly, to which Kim says “Yes. Here’s what I’m thinking…”
However, before being able to finish her thought, Alex walks in. He doesn’t notice their private conversation and interrupts them.

“Oh, hi Kim,” says he nonchalantly.
“Oh, hi Alex,” Kim says while seeming irritated by the interruption.
Nevertheless, Alex continues to be ignorant of their annoyance. So, he asks them, “So, what are we talking about?”


So, Alex keeps eating and adds, “This is such fun. We should do this more often.”

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Kim and Jennifer have been friends for years now. They seem to enjoy spending time together. In fact, Kim was very happy and couldn’t hide her bliss of Jennifer coming over to her home for a movie night. She even shared her excitement on her story, noting that Jennifer is responsible for her being obsessed with glam.

“Alright guys so I am having a movie night tonight at my house, and let me just say something – never in my life would I have imagined that my idol would want to come over and have a movie night with me,” said Kim in one of her Instagram stories.