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The Thorny Path Of Winnie Harlow

by Elsa Stringer

She introduced a new rule, and changed the whole fashion industry. In her childhood and teenage years, Winnie Harlow has been bullied a lot, and she even thought about the idea of taking her own life. All of this happened due to the fact that her skin is different. Today, she stands tall as she managed to push the boundaries of the fashion industry…

Winnie didn’t let her condition slow her down and make her give up on her dreams.
She managed to change the way the whole industry functions, and to make a positive effect on everyone who is dealing with confidence issues.


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During the previous decades, the fashion industry was all about girls who matched the profile which was demanded by the industry. In that sense, only the girls with ‘the perfect proportions of the face’, like Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Heidi Klum, could walk the runways.

Well, the rules have drastically changed throughout the past few years!

It all started with the plus size models, who are at the top of the highest-payed models lists. With the appearance of Winnie Harlow, the whole story got a new dimension.


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She participated in the ‘Top Model’ show and her success on the show surprised everybody. Nevertheless, the public was thrilled with the appearance of someone who is different, since it meant that new standards are starting to be followed. Those standards refer to celebrating all shapes of women’s beauty, and not being strict towards the “flaws”.