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Are Kanye And Kim Back Together Or Is It Only A Publicity Stunt For “Donda”?

by Mary McFarren

Kanye’s long-overdue album “Donda” is finally and officially out. Promotion of the new songs was a spectacle in every sense of the word (un)intentionally fueling the rumors about Ye and Kim’s reconciliation.

“Donda” could be heard on Thursday in Chicago’s Soldier Field, but what stole the show were not songs. Kim Kardashian, who filed divorce papers back in February, showed up in an all-white dress for the fake wedding ceremony on stage. The fans went into a delirium, assuming that the two are back together.

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According to some inside reports, the couple has been spending a lot of private time together trying to smooth out the differences. For now, the reality star has no intentions to withdraw the divorce petition. On the bright side, the two seem to be functioning normally when it comes to co-parenting their four children. The KUWTK star also attended the “Donda” promotion in the Atlanta sports arena showing up with the two of their children. Kim and Kanye happily chatted behind the scenes fueling the rumors.

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The celebrity couple remains in a more-than-friendly relationship vailed by their desire to stay civil for the sake of their children. Kardashian showing up in the wedding dress added to the speculation that the two are reconsidering their decision of getting divorced.

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However, many claim that this is just a publicity stunt on Kanye’s side. Why does Ye needs this over-dramatic show to promote his new album? Well, the media and the fans agreed finally on one thing. Kanye and his archenemy Drake are publishing new albums at the same time. So, how do you outplay your nemesis? By drawing overwhelming attention to your work. Even if that means getting involved with your soon-to-be ex-wife, kids, family, emotionally naming the album by your late mother, etc. There is no doubt that the top of the art marketing of Kanye’s 10th album drew attention from the crowds. He has been on the front pages for days, with pantyhose on his head, Kim in a wedding dress, and, at one point wearing the matching outfits. All of this swayed the public’s focus.


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Drake who? Exactly. That might be the whole point of all this theatrical display. The Canadian rapper and Ye warmed up their feud a few days ago when Kanye doxed the rapper, publishing Drake’s address. Fans were not impressed, calling the move pathetic and unnecessary. Ye, how he likes to be called, swiftly deleted the controversial message from his Instagram page.

One music insider said: “Kanye has been telling other rappers that he and Kim are back together, but everybody knows that isn’t true. The real story is that Kanye wants to beat Drake in record sales, and he is putting on a big show of performance art to grab all the media attention”.

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For now, we are swimming in the murky waters, trying to take our best guess. Kim and Kanye are keeping their lips tight regarding the reunion. If it was a stunt, it was magnificently played. If not, good luck in patching up the relationship. On the other hand, Drake is just doing his thing, laughing off Kanye’s attacks and focusing on his music. The release date for his album has not been set up yet.