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Kendall Jenner Shocks Her Fans With Bizarre Pictures

by Tracy Finke

Model Kendall Jenner did an unusual shoot for “Garage” magazine. According to the Daily Mail, a member of the Kardashian family appears in the magazine’s 18th edition. The 24-year-old collaborated with concept artist Maurizio Cattelan and fashion photographer Campbell Addy.

Kendall, whose fortune is estimated at $ 40 million, boasted about the photos on Instagram, which left many of her followers in shock.

Image source: Instagram

In one of them, the model comes out from the wall, and we can see only the upper part of her body and her bare breasts below the jacket. Young Kendall holds her long hair in her hands, which resembles a horse’s mane.

Image source: Instagram

In the second photo, a bird sits on her shoulder while on the last one, she has nothing on it and covers her breasts with her hands.

Image source: Instagram

“Are these pictures just scary to me?”, “Strange”, “This is like the ‘Ring’ horror. Samara, is that you?”, some of the comments read.

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On the other hand, the photo with Kendall covering her bare chest with her hands got more supportive comments. Her colleague Gigi Hadid wrote: “So beautiful”. “Not trynna simp but take those hands off”, one of her fans wrote. “You’re beautiful,” “Great photo,” the comments read.