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Kate Beckinsale Shares Funny Videos of Her Cats

by Nebojša Vujinović

People cope with quarantine and self-isolation in different ways, as all of us have to find new and interesting things to pass the time until things return to normal. Kate Beckinsale proves celebrities are no different.

On her Instagram profile where she has over 4.1 million followers, she shared and adorable video of her cat in which she is doing a rather interesting and hilarious thing.

Kate Beckinsale

Source: Instagram.com

The 46-year-old English actress decided to put lettuce on her two cats’ heads and see if or when they will notice or care! Neither seemed to care much about the iceberg on their little furry heads.

The videos have over 106,000 likes and almost 4,000 comments. Beckinsale regularly posts content to her social media platform, and many of the photos and videos include her adorable two cats.

Source: Instagram.com

They are true Instagram sensations, alongside their superstar owner. Their names are Willow and Clive, and both are long-haired white/grey cats.

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