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Ivanka Trump’s sister in law Karlie Kloss Won’t Vote For Donald Trump!

by Sinisav

SALON – 01/19/2020: Ivanka Trump’s sister in law Karlie Kloss said that she would not be voting for Donald Trump in the upcoming general elections. She made this statement while guesting at Watch What Happens Next show.

Kloss said that she does not agree with Trump and his politics. The fact that Ivanka is a part of her family will not change her stance on this matter. Speaking about previous elections in 2016, she told that her vote also went to the Democrats. This is something that will not change this year.

Karli Kloss

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It doesn’t come as a big surprise that Karlie Kloss will not vote for Republicans and the current President Donald Trump in the upcoming elections. In the past, she often criticized his political views.

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Her critics of Trump are entirely public, as she often used social networks to do this. In 2018 she made an Instagram post in which she opposed Donald Trump’s family separation policy.

Being a democrat runs in Kloss’s part of the Kushner family. Her husband, Joshua Kushner, is also a Democrat. Kushner’s look to be a politically divided family as it’s known that Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband, is a devoted Republican and is a member of Donald Trump’s staff. Their father, Charles Kushner, often switches sides as in the past, he made contributions to both Republican and Democrat campaigns.

Karlie Kloss also noted that despite sharing family connections with Trump, their relationship is often made to be more than it actually is. She said that she pays more attention to her life and her husband than to what the future holds for the Trump family. At the end of the day, she’s married to Joshua and not Jared, so she doesn’t like to have her questioned about Trump affairs all the time.

Source: salon.com