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Joe Swash Gets a Makeover From Stacey Solomon

by Elsa Stringer

While in quarantine, anything goes when it comes to glamming up and keeping your looks clean and fresh since everything is closed down. This is exactly what Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash did.

Swash let his girlfriend give him a fabulous makeover while in self-isolation, and the mom of three took full advantage of the opportunity covering his face with makeup.


The 30-year-old had shaven him first, saying, “The creepy beard has gone. I really want to give him a makeover.” Then, he started applying all sorts of makeup and beauty products onto his face.


He ended up wearing eyeshadow, foundation, blusher, highlighter, mascara, and even some fake lashes! She then commented, “I wish I did my own makeup this good. I know he loves it too I can tell.”


Joe said, “I had no choice in this. I feel like I’ve got glue in my eyes, Stace.” It was all for good fun in their household, as Joe can finally spend some more time with Stacey and their baby son Rex.

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He finished off by saying, “You know what? It’s lovely. I went from doing seven days every week for the last four months with Dancing On Ice and didn’t see the kids that much. It’s been nice being at home and we’re making the most of this bad situation.

Everybody else is in the same boat, so we’re just trying to get through it. The government could be asking us to do a lot more than just stay at home. We will all look back at this time and think that as hard as it was, it was nice to be stuck indoors with our loved ones. When in life does that ever happen?”

You see? Quarantine is not that bed is you spend time doing the right things!