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The New You: Are You Ready for a Trendsetting Makeover? – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Are you ready for a totally new look?

The last year and a half have proven incredibly tough for most of us, the COVID pandemic has become an ever-present factor in our lives and has wreaked havoc on our day-to-day existence and of course, for some, it has left a very real trail of devastation.

Now that 2024 is very much in full flow and things tend to be moving in a more positive direction, maybe it’s time for a full-on makeover to help usher in a better time.

While it’s true a style makeover won’t fix everything it can help us feel better about ourselves and that positive mental attitude can be key to shaping our entire philosophy and outlook.

So where is best to begin?

Stylish Accessory

img source: unsplash.com

Let’s begin with getting a few of the great accessories that can start the ball rolling on your makeover. These additional trinkets and side pieces can get you feeling more ready for a fresh beginning, like a butterfly clawing to escape its cocoon.

Here are some of the great accessories that are proving hugely popular in 2024.

Tote bags are once again rocking our lives and these are both functionally useful and a good opportunity to make something of a statement. Look for bright colors if you want to stand out and the size of the bag can be dictated by what your day holds.

Get yourself a handful of silk scarves, these are THE accessory of 2024 and one that is versatile enough to warrant the purchase of a few styles, to fit your mood and your plans. For instance if you are out on the town, you might look to pimp up your scarf and if you are using it casually in or on the way to your office, then it might be less showy, but nonetheless still stylish.

Oversized rectangular sunglasses are another item that will set off your outfit just nicely and are of course perfect for the warm summer days that await.

Perfect Jewelry Accompaniment

img source: onecklace.com

One look we can well and truly get behind comes in the form of the increasingly popular name necklace, a great selection of which you can find here, which is both a decorative tool and the possibility to make a very literal statement with your choice of jewelry.

Maybe your name necklace is a tribute to your partner, maybe it’s a gift from them. It can also be a chance for you to make a powerful statement of your own, something that says something personal to you and your values. Or it can just be a way to illustrate your extroverted character.

70s Hair Makeover

img source: pexels.com

Then there’s the hair. 70s looks are again back in and if you have the style that fits it, why not go for a full on Farrah Fawcet or, if that’s too big a step, come curtain bangs.

Your hair says a lot about you and in many ways, it’s a good starting point for your overall makeover outfit. Clearly, a lot depends on your mood and personality, and some hair trends may just not be an option. Either way, don’t be afraid to be bold, you’ve earned it.

New Outfit, New You

img source: pexels.com

Put yourself on show, especially if the weather permits, show some leg. Be confident in yourself and your look will follow. An A-line mini is one look to consider, super shorts another and, failing that, cut-off jeans.

If this sort of thing isn’t your type of thing then consider print dresses, making your choice to fit the abundance of accessories you have at your disposal (see above), don’t be afraid to mix and match, within reason.

Oversized boyfriend jackets are very big right now but maybe a bridge too far for most, in fashion terms, so maybe consider a less showy option.

We very much approve of the push for jackets with sorbet pastel tones, these are charming, effective, and are perhaps an easier sell for those who don’t feel like totally reinventing the wheel when it comes to a makeover.

When it comes to shoe platforms are once again very much a ‘thing’ and if you want to add a bit more spice to your outfit then you could opt for boots, with monotone colored knee-highs being another 70s style throwback that’s very visible on the main street.

A lot of 2024’s fashion trends are rooted in comfort and this need to be less formal could well be a reaction to the tough time we’ve been having. It may be fashion’s way of telling us to take it easy on ourselves, or more likely a great marketing trick that we’ve fallen for headfirst.

img source: elle.com

Whichever way you look at it, it’s a good thing. So as part of this push, you’ll no doubt see plenty of sweatpants on show, and you can choose to push the envelope as far as you like with these. For instance, you could keep it simple or opt for garish colors.

Some accessories that are also ‘back-in’ fit this chilled ethos, for instance when it comes to your hair don’t think twice about wearing a brightly colored scrunchie or a big claw clip.

Finally, look to pick up a few stylish face masks, these are the ultimate form over function addition to any wardrobe.

Clearly you are wearing them to protect yourself and others from exposure to coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to make a fashion statement, indeed they may prove the final piece in your own personal 2024 style makeover.