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Jessica Simpson Suffered After Her Father’s Unfaithfulness

by Elsa Stringer

American pop star Jessica Simpson, 39, recalled one of the hardest periods in her life and the divorce of her parents Tina and Joe Simpson.

First rumors of their troubles and a potential divorce surfaced back in 2012, and Jessica indirectly spoke about the reasons for the end of their marriage.


“In August my mom revealed to me that my dad has destroyed their marriage. That made the rumors that appeared true,” remembers Jessica.

The media reported then that the former priest and his daughter’s manager admitted to being gay. He allegedly had an affair with a man 30 years his junior. His wife Tina filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences. Their marriage lasted for 34 years.

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“She said that she had spent lovely moments with her father following his wedding anniversary and thought everything was going to be fine. I was sure that everything was fine. When he faced the accusations, my father called me but I did not pick up.”


From that moment on, Joe did not have a place in the family home anymore. “He thought he could escape the divorce, but it was in vain. He told me he is not dating anyone and that he loved my mother.”

In April of 2013, they divorced each other. “Dad left quickly. Maybe it was what he actually wanted.”


Three days before Jessica’s wedding with Erick Johnson, Joe asked her if he could attend the ceremony with Jonathan, a young model he worked with on photoshoots. “I realized I had to accept my dad whatever he was like.”


However, she did fire him as her manager, but has never commented on his sexuality because she believed it was not her place to talk about it. “I had to fire him five times because he did not want to accept my decision. “

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During this same interview, she touched on her alcoholism in 2017, sexual abuse during her childhood, her failed marriage, and ex boyfriends.


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