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Jessica Alba Posts a Tiktok Video With Her Mini-Me Daughter

by Elsa Stringer

Hollywood actress Jessica Alba, 38, is popular on social media thanks to her frequently uploaded content. Now, she decided to post a TikTok dance video alongside her daughter Honor, 11.


The mother-daughter duo danced alongside “Funky Town” while in a gym. They both seemed to have enjoyed the time spent together, and were well coordinated. The caption below the video reads this:

“Got another workout in -trying to make the most of staying home … not gonna front, today was a bit of struggle, but we ended on a high note #momanddaughter #workout #stayhome #stayhealthy #staystrong”

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The video has more than 4 million views and over 3,500 comments. The star actress has more than 17.6 million followers on her Instagram profile.

About a week ago, she posted another TikTok video, that time with her younger daughter Haven, 8. They had some fun while reenacting a popular Internet joke. The caption reads:

“Wait for it…. Cash does she get this from you or me -follow me on @tiktok for more shenanigans with my fam. Kids resilience and positive attitudes sure make this time go by with more joy.”


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Just over here doing @tiktok while staying inside -Havie was creative director on this one

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