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How Does The Home Of Jessica Alba Look Like?

by Elsa Stringer

Jessica Alba is one of the best known actresses in the world and she has been acting for almost her entire life. Her roles and her acting have made her famous and she has succeeded to cash in all that popularity. It should be also added that she is also a very successful businesswoman and entrepreneur.


Personal life

She has been married to Cash Warren for a long time and together they got three children: Honor Marry, 10 years old, Haven, 7 years old and Hayes, 1 year old. They live together in a luxurious villa that they have built and made their home there. Jessica has decided to show the world how her home and life look like.


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If this pic had sound you’d hear him screaming “it’s Fridaaaaaaaay!” …. he knows what’s up.

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The house

The happy couple has bought the house seven months ago but it was evident that a lot of work was needed so that it could look like it looks like currently. She added that she and her husband wanted a place where their children would grow up and where they could play. This is why they chose this one since it has a very huge yard.

She also pointed out that she and her husband were looking the house for only 20 minutes and they knew that they want the house. She also added that Pinterest served as a huge inspiration during the decoration of the house.

Her favorite room is the living room where the family spends most of the time and has breakfast. She also likes to cook and this is why she likes her kitchen. She and her husband decided to make the balcony in the retro style. Marble and recycled wood are the main materials in the house.