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Sandra Bullock’s Ex-Husband Cheated on His Wife With More Than 20 Women

by Tracy Finke

Former husband of Sandra Bullock, reality star Jesse James, divorced his wife Alexis DeJoria at the end of March, after which all his mistresses with whom he cheated on her came to light.

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According to the Daily Mail, Jesse has been dating numerous women for years, begging them to sleep with him on social networks. While his wife was away, he brought them to their home in Austin, Texas, and he cheated on her with more than 20 women. When Alexis, who is a drag racer, was home, he would hang out with his mistresses in hotel rooms.

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A source close to the couple points out that the 50-year-old would become “aggressive” every time his wife became suspicious, and he emotionally abused her, causing their marriage to collapse.

“Alexis feels humiliated and disrespected. Jesse has been cheating on her since they first met, it never stopped, she’s only now realizing just how bad it was. She tried to save the marriage, but Jesse wasn’t interested, he would never come clean”, her friend said.

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“Monster Garage” star, on the other hand, said in a news release that he and his wife had spent seven wonderful years.

This message angered his wife and so he took her off social media. She discovered that he is cheating on her two years ago, but at first, she didn’t believe it all. It was only after she realized that some of these women were sleeping with him in their bed that she began to realize everything.

One of them, Myla Harris, reported to Alexis’s sister, and she gave the messages she exchanged with James to the media. It turned out that Jesse had cheated on his wife the night before he had proposed her. Also, he had been seeing some of his mistresses at the beginning of their relationship.