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Jennifer Love Hewitt Looks Unrecognizable

by Elsa Stringer

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, 40, used to be one of the most popular Hollywood sweethearts. She starred in many romantic comedies and her roles were always fan-favorites.


Today however, you would not recognize her if you passed by her in the street. She has gained weight over the years and her pale face also contributes to her changed look.


She is happily married to actor Brian Hallisay, and since their wedding in 2013, they have had two children, daughter Autumn and son Atticus.


In one of her interviews for Daily Mail, she said she has never been happier. “The best thing I have ever done is marrying him, giving birth to our children, and watching them grow and change each day.”

She has never before had any issues with weight and she always had an amazing figure. After two pregnancies, some weight remained and she does not look as fit as before.

“Until the 14th week of pregnancy I had no idea how much the body could change. How much my life could change and my heart could grow,” she said.

Since the start of her career she has been one of the most popular stars and a frequent guest on the magazine covers. She started acting in 1989, abut she was also a singer from 1992 until 2003.