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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Shared A Masked Kiss At The 2024 Met Gala

by Nebojša Vujinović

The 2024 Matt Gala was held last night and world-famous stars arrived for this prestigious evening of style – including, of course, Jennifer Lopez!

Last night, in the famous art museum in New York – the Metropolitan – the Met gala was held, a fashion event attended by all the cream of the jet set and the world’s elite! The invitation to the Met Gala means prestige, and fashion combinations from the event have been talked about for years! Every year, there is a different topic and celebrities do their best to shock the world with their choice of clothes. 

source: leaderlive.co.uk

However, this year’s Met gala was all about the most popular couple these days, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. J. Lo has not missed this spectacle since 2004, and every year she had the most amazing and iconic dresses, as Ben has not been seen at this event. However, this year he decided to appear to support his love. 

After arriving in New York from Venice, J.Lo appeared at the MTV MMA Awards to present the award to Olivia Rodrigo. However, what was expected was definitely her appearance at the Met Gala – both her styling and a public kiss with Ben Affleck, with whom she has been inseparable since they reconciled.

Ben and Jennifer, or Bennifer, were photographed together on the red carpet, and they were both wearing masks, in accordance with regulations and maintaining security during the still prevailing coronavirus pandemic. They stopped to pose for reporters, and one of the most impressive photos taken tonight is the scene where J.Lo and Ben are kissing – with the masks on their faces!

source: i.dailymail.co.uk

The topic of this Matt gala was American independence, and fans and fashion critics claim that Jennifer responded to the topic, and that the styling cannot be more American than this. She wore Wild West-inspired styling; a long brown dress signed by Ralph Lauren, with a pronounced neckline, a cowgirl-style belt, details in the form of feathers, but also a deep neckline on the front that reveals her legs, while the back of the dress had a kind of barge. As a real cowgirl, J.Lo also wore a hat, and completed the entire edition with silver jewelry and silver sandals.

Ben on the other side, didn’t do much. He wore suite and bow tie, letting his lady to steal the show.