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Jennifer Aniston Surprises Fans At Central Perk!

by Elsa Stringer

Famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, best known for her role in the legendary sitcom “Friends” where she played Rachael Green, has stunned some fans who decided to stop by the real set of the Central Perk café in New York City and take some photos.

The blonde beauty decided to scare and photobomb the fans. She jumped out behind the famous yellow couch and had fun with the amazed and visibly confused fans of the show.


The adorable actress did this for “The Ellen Show”, which she hosted as a fill-in host since Ellen DeGeneres was unable to do it this time around because she “had to go to the DMV.”

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The fans, mostly younger women, could not believe what had happened to them and were screaming with joy and shock. They were then invited to attend the talk show, which they watched from the VIP lounge. It is safe to say they will remember this moment for the rest of their lives.