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Jay Cutler Sets a New Trend in The World of Celebrity Divorces

by Nebojša Vujinović

It would seem that Jay Cutler is taking one for the team. This time the team is not the Denver Broncos or Chicago Bears. It is all of us, males, going through a divorce. In most cases when a celebrity athlete gets a divorce his spouse gets half of his assets. But, this time around, jay decided to make a stand, as he asks for something from his wife Kristen Cavallari. This is a situation where a prenup is welcomed, but when there isn’t one, things can get wild.

The Cutler/Cavallari split happened back in April of 2024 but things are getting messy about right now. While things went as peacefully as they could so far, everything went astray once Cutler decided to make a stand for himself and the rest of the male gang by asking for half of her company. The brand in question is called Uncommon James, and if we look at Jay’s demand, it would seem it is worth quite a bit. As of now, his ex-wife is not prepared to accept his demands.

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TMZ was the first magazine to launch this news, and they claim that Cutler’s reasoning is following: “Cutler’s insisting he should get a stake in UJ because Kristin launched it while they were married.” While this might be true, it’s not precisely how things work. Some things belong to the group of assets you accumulated during the marriage, and some of them are their thanks to your spouse, but it doesn’t include all and everything. According to Jay’s ex, he put none of his money into the company back when it was starting.

While Jay probably feels that he is in the right, not everyone will agree with him. We can say that it is fair to ask for anything you want, but there are those who decide on these matters. In the end, it will be the court that will decide if Jay’s claim has any legal foundations. After all, we’re sure that Cutler earned enough from his NFL career and various endorsements that he doesn’t need any additional money, but for him, it must be a thing of principles. After all, we don’t know how much of his wealth is going Kristin’s way.

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If nothing else he gave enough material for his colleagues’ footballers and fans alike to comment on Twitter. Darius Slay was first to chime in. He wrote: “Jay Cutler showing us the way.” The statement was followed by a hashtag #CutlerTheGoat. The next one was former Giants, Steelers, and Redskins safety Ryan Clark who wrote: “Boys out here supporting Jay Cutler as he attempts to set a new trend for Kings I see!! Y’all dudes are really funny. Y’all know who y’all are too. That being said. Get yours Jay.”

While they can’t get on equal terms in the matter of her company, they at least get along well when it comes to the children. Even before the matter of Uncommon James become an issue, they agreed on split custody. So, if they managed to get along when it comes to the kids, maybe they will find a solution when it comes to her company. If they fail to find one, and Jay manages to get half of it, it might be a precedent for other divorced couples. Jay might be making history here without even being aware of it.