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Jay-Z And Beyonce Are About to Cash Out $30 million For a New Car

by Nebojša Vujinović

It all comes down to the way you see things. For some, 2017 was a long time ago, for others it was only four years ago. When it comes to the Sweptail coachbuild project, for us, it was an eternity since we heard any substantial news regarding its closure. Back then it was only at its developmental stages, but now we have a closer look at the latest Rolls-Royce reveals in the form of the Boat Tail. How long will we have to wait for a complete product remains a secret, but for now we are glad that the luxury vehicles company is making large strides into completing this car, that is so much more in disguise.

The Rolls-Royce brand is the one that sets a standard in many departments when it comes to crafting and manufacturing vehicles. Once they showed the world a piece of what they want to do next, various rumors flew on the wind at the same time. For yellow pages, the most important news was, of course, the price, first buyers, ownership, is it a limited edition, and similar matters. It is not easy to get your hands on info like this straight away, but there are a few known facts that could intrigue our readers.

Source: robbreport.com

The first project of the three massive ones conducted by this company is the Boat Tail. The price of this one will be in the region of $30 million, which is a hefty sum to buy a vehicle, regardless of its abilities. But, as they say, every merchandise has its buyer, and this one didn’t have to wait for its for too long. According to available data, it would seem that the first owners of the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail are going to be Beyonce and Jay-Z. Yes, you heard it well, the billionaire couple set their eyes on this vehicle, and it would seem that the famous singer and her even more famous rapper husband managed to put a paycheck and are now waiting for their latest toy.

When Rolls-Royce exited with the proposed plans of making this vehicle others jumped onto the hype train with ideas of their own. The one that went straight ahead and rendered the vehicle with a few additional ideas of his own is Oscar Vargas who excels in creating digital concepts of cars. You can see his ideal below, and you probably think that he’s onto something with his proposed idea.

Source: robbreport.com

The famous digital creator, claims that the car needs to justify its price tag with more options than just a luxury interior and a few gadgets here and there. Oscar’s idea is that it needs to justify not only its cost but its name too. With the boat as the part of its branding, he pushed it directly into the ocean, with a claim that it needs to be capable of changing the surfaces on which it operates with ease, switching the hard ground with slipper water on desire. As you can see on his renders the vehicle can cross on both surfaces, making the Boat Tail an amphibious one.

While this is an ambitious idea, and the one that could revolutionize the car industry as we know it, it will hardly pass in terms of what the car companies can do today. The info and the photos that Rolls-Royce released probably represent the finished product, that won’t be changed anytime soon, or on any suggestion by social media designers. But, one can only hope, so if you want a vehicle that can go both ways, maybe you’d be able to drive one without joining the army. Until we see Beyonce and Jay-Z driving one Boat Tail around we’ll have to sit together and wait for any new information that comes our way.