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Steamy: Jared Leto Takes off His Shirt, Puts a Santa Hat on and Wishes Happy Christmas

by Tracy Finke

Another of those holiday photos that blow up Instagram is a picture of actor and singer Jared Leto. The 48-year-old star delighted his followers, especially the female part. He took off his shirt, put on his Santa hat, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Image source: Instagram

The frontman of the band “30 Seconds to Mars” hit the public eye earlier this year for “similarity with Jesus”, because of his long hair and beard. Now he simply got undressed and triggered hundreds of comments on social networks.

“Merry Xmas and happy holidays xo,” Jared captioned the picture.

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The actor spent the summer with the rest of the band on an island in Croatia, where he lectured and meditated with the fans, which is why many called him Jesus and mocked the idea that he is “preaching.”

Image source: Instagram

In 2013, he had a very significant role in the movie “Dallas Buyers Club”, starring a transvestite suffering from HIV. Due to the role, he had to lose up to 20 pounds, and thanks to that role, he was awarded the most prestigious Hollywood awards: the Oscar, the Golden Globe, the SAG Award, and many others.

It is noticeable that Jared has the old body structure again and looks very attractive, as evidenced by a number of positive comments below his Christmas photo.

“Merry Xmas and happy holidays to you too handsome”, one of the fans wrote, and another added, “You’re just so ?”.
“Hmmm you’re definitely not a typical Santa”, one of the comments read.

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