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Whitney Thore got Engaged

by Elsa Stringer

Whitney Thore, a popular TV face, shared some great news with her followers on Instagram. She informed everyone about their engagement that happened when they were in Paris during October.

The star of a popular reality show on TLC TV, sad that she will get her soon to be husband in the show because he never took part in any episode yet. The story about the love between her and Chase Severino will be in the sixth season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

She is very excited about the upcoming new season of the show where people are going to watch how two of them were dating from the beginning, and how he proposed her in Paris.

Two of them met each other through her business partner Ryan, who is an old friend with Severino. They became friends while attending the same college.

However, besides the love and idyllic story, there are going to be some tensions in the sixth season. The problem was about Severino, who was thinking that his soon to be wife was still in love with her ex-boyfriend, Buddy Bell.

We know this information from the preview of the new season, but the conclusion is that everything ends up in a good way, because we could see him proposing her at the end of the preview.