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Ivanka and Donald Trump Practicing Social Distancing!

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 04/02/2020: Ivanka Trump looked classy when she appeared at the White House briefing wearing a navy blue dress. This was not the first time the first daughter wore this dress. The last time she had it on was two years ago in Peru.

The senior adviser in the White House, Ivanka, reported about the meeting on her Twitter profile: “The amazing employees of our network service providers have answered the call enabling our Nation to work, learn & entertain remotely at unprecedented rates in response to #COVID19 Today @POTUS spoke to industry leaders to thank them for mtg the demand so we can be #TogetherApart.”

Ivanka Trump

Source: instagram.com

Designer Altuzarra created the dress that Ivanka had on, but it’s no longer available in free trade. Back in the day, Ivanka paid for it $995.

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During the meeting in the White House, POTUS and the first daughter had conversations with industry leaders on the subject of stopping the coronavirus pandemic. Photos from the Oval Office show that all present people practiced social distancing, including Donald and Ivanka.

Talking about social distancing, Ivanka said: “It’s a unique time, but I’m trying to reframe all of it through the lens of the joy of having this family connectivity.”

It is not easy being a member of Trump’s administration during this crisis as they face a lot of pressure. Most of it is coming from the people who are not satisfied with Donald Trump’s handling of the ongoing crisis. After downplaying the COVID-19 crisis for weeks, President now faces critics as the US is now the country with the most significant number of those infected with this disease.

During the last two weeks, both POTUS and his daughter have been tested for coronavirus after being in contact with people later diagnosed with COVID-19. Thankfully their results came back negative, and they continued with their work.

Source: express.co.uk