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Irina Shayk Walking Around NYC Together With Her Daughter Lea (2)!

by Elsa Stringer

Even though the famous model tried to go under the radar by wearing sweatpants and a baseball cap, she was spotted taking a walk in NYC…

Irina Shayk is definitely not a regular mom and she can’t go anywhere unnoticed. This 33-year-old was seen in casual comfy clothes while taking stroll with daughter Lea (2) around a park in NYC. Later on, they were joined by a friend.


Irina was wearing a black cap and a pair of black sunglasses. Also, she chose a shiny oversized jacket, gray sweatpants and black sneakers.

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Together with her ex, Bradley Cooper, Shayk is co-parenting their daughter Lea. For this occasion, Lea wore the similar outfit as her mother. She had a shiny jacket, paired with red Burberry shoes and a red cap. Lea is obviously the spitting image of her mother.


Not only were they wearing matching outfits, but they were also smiling the whole time.

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It is obvious that their mother-daughter time was a blast, and that both of them had a great time!