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How To Come Up With An Influencer Marketing Campaign For Your Ecommerce Site

by Ingeborg

Do you just stare at commercials hosted by your favorite stars and then ponder on the fact that they endorse it so that the product might be of quality? If the answer is yes, then, definitely, you are a small but essential piece of the jigsaw puzzle called influencer marketing for e-commerce.

So, it’s a simple notion that when famous people endorse a product, the audience ought to get drawn to that very product or at least give it a try for the sake of their fandom soul. That is what professional marketing refers to as influencer marketing campaigns for e-commerce.

Now, not all brands start their business with a big fortune and a help treasure. Some start afresh with small investments and pitch up their hard work to flourish in their business later. So, it would be impossible for such small brands to cast highly demanding celebrities at their low revenues.

Hence, for them to harness the power of influencer marketing, the paths might be a bit different, but they are highly efficient and promising. So, here’s everything you need to know about influencer marketing campaigns for your very own e-commerce website.

What is an Influencer, and Why Does Your Business Need One?


To be totally transparent, social proofs and social media approvals matters to people. And this approval and standing are what comes when your product is presented by someone they adore, value, and trust. And here comes the role of an Influencer. So basically, an influencer is a person who has risen to gain established credibility in the market. Hence people look up to them and ultimately will look up to the products they endorse.

Therefore, if you hire such influencers for your product, they will reach a higher number of audiences and help your business hit the profit jackpot. So, influencers are like ubiquitous gasoline, that light up your business strategies and fire up your product in the market for good.

So, in a nutshell, if you are looking for a compelling business strategy that might help you set your foot in the glorious industry, a business influencer marketing campaigns for e-commerce is your call. And here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Find Your Heavenly Match


Yes, it’s a match: your product and your business influencer.

You get the point right, and you need to hunt down an influencer that is not only reverend or famous but also ideal for your product endorsement. Like, you cannot get some adult to model up for baby products or any senile to endorse energy drinks. It will come up as fake and could tarnish the image of the influencer as well as your brand. Your influencer and your products ought to match like mighty powers themselves designed them.

So, if your mind is awakened with questions like how do we find the perfect fit, so just consider it as a whole new task. To determine which business influencer is the perfect fit for your dear product, you need to use business intelligence statistics. Professionally, this means for you to determine your target audience, and through those audiences, you will figure out the key influencers among them. And there you have your perfect fit.

An ideal influencer is like someone who accurately defines your product’s mission, style, and matches with your product’s spirit. Here are the right places that are no less than heaven for you, because you are going to get your perfect influencer match here, so the places are as follows:


  • Social Media

Monitoring about social media networks would definitely let you know what kind of people are highly acclaimed in your business niche or genre. For instance, if you own a fashion brand, you would look for a social media influencer that is an approved fashionista or Stylist on social media platforms like Instagram and posts a lot of stylized outfits from various high selling brands. Identify their social media standing, their audience reach, and how capable they are to attract traffic to your e-commerce website and then choose wisely.


  • Blogs and Vlogs

Apart from the social media hype, there is another set of respected individuals who could synthesize the perfect influencer magic: they are bloggers and vloggers. Well, if they run their own blogs and vlogs, they are pretty much aware of business strategies, and hence they could turn out to be a great help. Plus, the bloggers and vloggers tend to be highly active on social media platforms too, so hiring acclaimed and well-celebrated bloggers and vloggers are like double-dipping into the profit lake. It’s like their blogs covering a considerable amount of audience, and their social media standing compensates the remaining amount, so it’s a win-win either way.

Step 2: Harbour Creative Convincing Captions For Buyers

Now, this is a very crucial portion of e-commerce marketing that many brands fail to acknowledge. So, the most fundamental point of your product endorsement is how you or your influencer represents it. Your marketing is not all about a celebrated personality claiming your product to be good.

It’s about your chosen celebrated figure persuading people to buy it. But how do you convince them? Is putting off some typical dialogues like the “best one of all” or “definitely a good choice,” enough?

So, the answer is no. It’s not; you need to quit up your generic mode and put up your creative mode.

Create a content that not only glorifies your product but alongside that conveys a profound meaning or a message that might induce a feeling of connection within your audience.


  • Ask Your Influencer To Create Testimonials

After all the procedures are set and followed, and you have the right influencer, and they have started working to endorse your brand, just give a final miraculous touch to your influencer business strategy.

Your audience will tend to trust your brand if they recognize their respective influencer’s interest in it. So, all you need to do is ask your influencer to make testimonials of your product, and a transparent one. No flowery language or nice words, their neutral takes on the product and how to use the product, etc. This honest display will tend to fascinate the audience.

If you need further information about influencer marketing campaigns for e-commerce, we invite you to visit PopTribe.co.