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Creating E-Commerce Product Videos, Keep the Following Tips and Tricks in Mind!

by Edvard Berlusconi

You won’t believe how important video marketing in modern online business. Especially, when you are selling ecommerce products in an open market. The competition is quite high and we all want to make the most sales. However, we eventually fall short when it comes to achieving our quarterly or biannually targets. So you need to make use out of all the resources you have!

In Today’s day and age, next to management tools like the ones offered at postaffiliatepro.com, the crucial selling point for ecommerce entrepreneurs can be video marketing. Marketers who have found the true value of this exotic marketing technique are making a hefty amount of profit within their respective businesses.

Video marketing was once perceived as a secondary marketing option.

It was considered a supporting element and when it comes to ecommerce, it wasn’t considered the best. On the other hand, creating a single video can cost dearly. So, giving a thought to the idea of making a product based video for ecommerce entrepreneurs was nothing more than a debacle.

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But, just like any other facet of the marketing world… things changed.

Video became the future of marketing. Social media giants, especially those who have been completed Facebook blueprint certification estimated that video marketing is soon going to take over the world. In fact, by year 2024, it is forecasted that more than 80% of the overall marketing will shift from written content to video content.

Posting a product video may not have anything to do with selling the product…

As it can simply be an explainer video explaining how the product works.

In fact, by just putting forward the increasing benefits or the different ways of leveraging the product in a video, one can create the best of reasons for customers to purchase it.

But, when you are creating a video, what important points should one keep in mind?

Here are some important things which you should keep in mind while creating product videos.

1) A Video Should Have Attention Grabbing Elements

It is a common observation that most shoppers are very impatient. They want a solution to their problem and they want it fast. Therefore, whenever you start out with creating a video for your online website, just make sure to start out with addressing a problem and then proposing a solution for it. When you are giving them a solution, it becomes an attention grabbing element. Once, you have their attention, then you can simply market them your product.

2) Your Video Describes the Purpose of Your Product

One important element which you need to address when creating a video is to make sure that your video is engaging shoppers. If your video is successful in explaining why your customer should purchase the product, then it has done its job successfully. Behind every product there is a purpose for which it is manufactured. And, if your video is successful in explaining that purpose, then your brand is getting the job done.

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3) The Message in your Video Should Be Explained with Clarity

A haphazard video leads the customer to nowhere. Customers are looking for a solution and if your video gets them confused, then they would simply swipe to the next alternative. Hence, you need to make sure that you make the message in your video concise and clear. Use limited amount of words and glue them together to explain your audience. Organizations nowadays aim to stimulate marketing demands through a video centric approach to educate visitors. Afterall, a well-acknowledged visitor will take less time to purchase your product.

4) Discuss the Pain Points Your Customers Can Face

Every product which is being on your ecommerce store is resolving a pain point. A powerful product video will make sure that it addresses those pain points. A video which addresses the pain point of the customers and suggest possible solutions to them are the best ecommerce product videos. For example, a product video for no shoelace sneakers can start out with a number of people feeling frustrated over loose laces.

5) Keep the Environment Free of “Dead Air” in Your Video

When a video has less audio in it, it can result in creating a “Dead Air” environment. Many users will avoid watching a video which has less or no sound at all. Just imagine watching a movie or a song video with any sound! Is it worth watching it? No way. You need to make sure that the video you create for your product has no “Dead Air” You can use an appropriate voiceover in the background which and some cool sound effects. One way or the other, make sure to keep the dead air quite minimum in the video.

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6) Use Compelling Content to Engage Your Audience

Do you know that more than 85% of the video views on Facebook does not have any sound in the background? Yes, you can even tap into your audience without any sound playing in the background. However, all you have to do is make sure that you include captions of dialogue which can prompt them to buy from you. Most amazon vendor central use video marketing strategy to convince customers. They lead the audience from their Amazon ad to their website and from there educate the individual. Content of your video plays a significant role in convincing the customer. A website which does not have a compelling enough content, usually fails to perform better on the market. Same goes for products and videos likewise.

7) Make Your Call-to-Action Obvious in Your Video

Last but not the least, make sure that your call-to-actions are very obvious. You can embed specific instructions within your video or you can simply make tappable or clickable icons to pop after your video completes. You can simply use a call to action message which plays at the end of your video; one way or the other make sure to use a powerful call-to-action in your explainer video.

Research done by Branex, a renowned web design company in Toronto,  indicates that adding a humor element to a video may sell the video more in a unique and novel fashion. A good humorous video can fit perfectly on your social media platforms. It can go up on your website and can even get a good coverage on different video playing platforms as well. A product video which follows all the above instructions is for sure going to turn your business opportunity profitable and interesting from the branding perspective.

So when was the last time you really planned on investing in creating a video solution for your business? Now might just be the time.