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Is Moving a House During the Pandemic a Safe Option?

by William Gist

Moving a house is a need that can arise at any time in one’s life. Moves are influenced by several reasons including personal issues, career growth, better opportunities, and more. While moving a house remains a complicated process, it becomes even more cumbersome in times like Pandemic. You need to be extra precautions about each aspect of the moves, ensuring complete safety and health of the entire family as well as the movers.

The professionals at Moving Apt, a platform where one can find the best moving services, state that they have received a lot of queries from the customers asking whether or not they can move during a Pandemic. The prevailing Coronavirus conditions are unprecedented but the need for moving a house is persistent. People have their own set of reasons to relocate and in most cases, these reasons are unavoidable.

Can I move a house during the Pandemic?


The simple answer to this question is ‘Yes’. However, there is a range of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ added to the situation. You can only relocate during the pandemic if you, not self-isolating, are infected with Coronavirus, or live within a community that is declared vulnerable to the virus.

Moreover, you also need to check the local lockdown restrictions to make sure movement in your area and the one you are moving too is permitted by the authorities. While many states have permitted relocating the house, there are others where there is still a restriction on movement because of the severe outbreak of the lethal virus.

What should you know?


The state regulatory authorities have made it clear that people moving a house must be very vigilant while preparing for the move and executing it. The guidance states that anyone moving a house must comply with social distancing measures at all times during the move. The terms should be strictly followed even when you are visiting a prospective property or surveying any site.

Moreover, you must avoid visiting the office of the moving company and search for them virtually only. The best moving companies will have a prominent online identity and you can connect with them over there.

As you move forward with your moving process, make sure you stay vigilant at each point, maintain distance from others, and using the due sanitization and disinfection measures.

You must already be aware of the contagious nature of the virus and hence make sure you do not come in contact with anyone and also do not touch any surface that might be exposed to contamination.

How to make my Coronavirus move safe?


There are several reasons why you cannot avoid moving during the pandemic. While the reasons might be unavoidable, the virus is not. You can take a few precautions and follow the protocol to ensure your house relocation during the pandemic is safe and easy.

Never rely on used supplies:

It is a common notion to reuse boxes from the grocery store and other location in order to save money, during the pandemic the approach can land you in deep problems. The reports suggest that the virus can survive on a cardboard box for as long as 24- hours. If the person that used the boxes before you had coronavirus, you are vulnerable to catch it if you rely on those used boxes.

Know the moving restrictions:

As aforesaid in this article, you must know the lockdown restriction in your area as well as in the one you are moving to. Different states have different considerations. While some have considered moving as an essential service, others have not. It is recommended to connect with the moving company and enquire about:

  • Are they functional during the pandemic?
  • What are the safety measures they take during the pandemic?
  • What are their recommendations about enhancing the safety of the move?

Devise a moving strategy that minimizes contact with others:

Social distancing is the key to prevention from Coronavirus. You need to be very vigilant towards social distancing while moving. One of the best ways to minimize contact with others is by choosing moving pods. You can easily transfer all your belongings to the pods yourself and move to the new location.

If you need to choose the traditional moving services, make sure the moving service provider has a coronavirus safety guideline book with them. The best moving companies ensure that they keep a minimum of 6 feet distance from you at all times, moreover, they offer virtual, estimates, and also share a long list of do’s and don’ts to ensure you as well as the movers stay safe from the contamination.

Have your stock of sanitization supplies:


There is a range of sanitization supplies that can keep you protected from coronavirus. If you are moving your house during the pandemic, you must prepare a bag for such supplies, just like the bag for essentials during a conventional move. Some of the must-have items in this stick include:

  • Hand wash
  • Soap
  • Sanitizer with 70% alcohol content
  • Face masks
  • Gloves
  • Thermometer

If you have engaged the best moving company, they will make sure that you are made aware of the risks associated with a house move during the pandemic. They will also help you in following the preventive measures for a safe move.

Keep the doors, closets, and drawers open:


To avoid the virus further, keep the doors, closets, and drawers open for the professionals. This way you can avoid contact to your day to day surfaces.


It is best to avoid moving during coronavirus pandemic. However, if you are not left with this choice, make sure you take all the necessary precautions mentioned in this post and any others if you find any. Choose the moving company that has a set safety policy to deal with the pandemic and ensure high-level safety.

The only way you can have a safe house move during the pandemic is to take necessary precautions. Stay safe and enjoy your transition to the new home during the pandemic. Best of luck!