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How to Choose a High-Quality Necklace

by William Gist

1. Consider face and neck shape

Woman with a long face should select short and thick, or double-set, three-piece necklace. If you choose a long necklace, it will make your face stretch, so you should consciously choose a medium-length name necklace with appropriate clothing to shorten the face. Women with round faces should not choose a card neck necklace, which will make the round face more exaggerated. Therefore, in order to make the face “stretched”, it is best to choose a necklace with a chain link.


2.  According to the characteristics of the neck

The necklace should be worn to cause a sight illusion to compensate for the lack of neck. For example, a person with a long neck should choose a large and short necklace to occupy a certain position on the neck, which can reduce the length of the neck visually; those with a short neck should choose a small and long necklace.


3.  Pay attention to the color of jewelry and color, age

Young people with moist face should use ivory and pearl necklaces which will look harmonious and quiet; while using colorful jewelry necklaces will look radiant and extraordinary. While older people choose jade and green pine which will look young and dignified.

4.  Consider the length of the necklace you bought

The length of the necklace is generally determined by the thickness of each neck. If the neck is thick, the necklace size will be longer; otherwise, it will be shorter. But some people choose the length according to their own preferences. The specifications of the necklace are mainly forty-five, forty-eight, and fifty centimeters. In addition, there is a kit necklace, such as three sets of pearls, two sets of ivory chains, etc. which are composed of multiple necklaces, and the length between them is inconsistent. The specifications of such necklaces are difficult to determine.


5. Depending on the economic situation, watch the decorative effect

It is generally believed that older people should choose necklaces with superior texture and fine craftsmanship; middle-aged people should select skilled craft and medium-grade texture, while young people should choose the best color and fashionable style.

6. Check the quality of the necklace

When buying a princess necklace, first try it on, check if the arc of the chain is natural, such as twists and turns between the links, which will feel uncomfortable when worn. For more information, visit www.getnamenecklace.com

Next, straighten the necklace, use one hand to pick up one end, gently shake it, then use the other hand to lift the other end of the chain, waiting for it to no longer shake in the air, see if it is twisted in a twist, with or without obvious knot. Finally, use the nail to gently move the confluence circle to check if the elasticity is good.


When buying a necklace, be sure to pay attention to whether it is a match with your girlfriend, and also in terms of price. If you don’t care about the price, you can send a good one and it is also the brand that the other party likes. If it is only the student party, then the price is more appropriate, so the other party will not have such big pressure.