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The Biggest Fashion Trends That Will Be Huge This Year

by Jajce d Muckic

Every year we are being treated by designers worldwide with stunning fashion pieces displayed at one of the fashion centers around the globe. Predictions start as early as of December, with designers prepping models for upcoming fashion weeks. And this year we’ve seen statement pieces that will hold their ground for the next 12 months.

A lot of work and thinking is being put into these fashion trends, and the end justifies the means. But this year we’ve seen a lot of accessories as well as apparel.


So because of that, we are going to try and predict the biggest fashion trends that will be huge this year. The list is made based on what people on the Internet think will likely be engaging for 2019, so stick around and find out.


Take a trip down one of New York’s busiest street and you will see a lot of people wear statement sneakers. Brands such as Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers sent the fashion industry into total meltdown. These designer sneakers are in high demand, with some going as much as $1,000! It would seem that casual wear will be in for this year as searches on Google, more specifically Pinterest, for statement sneakers have gone up a whopping 2,500% lately.


Bike Shorts

Casual wear will truly reign supreme in 2019 as we’ve seen a lot of people combine bike shorts with every day casual wear, and some even do it with formal pieces. If you’ve paid attention to this year’s 2019 spring runways, then chances are you’ve noticed these bike shorts. But right now, you cannot escape them! Everyone has them and everyone looks stunning in them. From Maryam Nassir Zadeh to Fendi, search results for bike shorts have gone up 1,700%! We’ve seen everything from bike shorts with t-shirts to bike shorts with blazers on the streets. And some designer picks even fetch a hefty price. If you’re looking for discounts on some of this year’s have designer pieces, make sure to visit this website.


Happy Modernism

Shop the look they say, but they don’t tell you how hard it is not to. Designers went bonkers this year with a focus on long, languid and sensual, saturated clothing pieces in warm and sunset colors. Big name players such as Chloe and Loewe set the tone whilst Paco Rabanne and Philip Lim improved it. You can’t rock this look without amulet jewelry, raffia accessories, and souvenir pickups. What’s more interesting is that this look can be worn anywhere from sunny Ibiza to the jaded streets of Japan.


Colorful is Definitely In

Designers made a good prediction this year by showcasing their most popular fashion pieces in all the colors under the sun. But what most caught our attention are the stunning colorful suits at Le Smoking at Saint Laurent. But not just the suits, everything from skirts, shorts, trousers, and even jackets made in bold statement colors will be your go-to this year. Fill up your wardrobe with some amazingly bright and warm color statement pieces that will turn all the attention at the restaurant. Just Google Chanel and Gucci and you’ll see what we mean by it.