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Things to Know When Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry

by William Gist

Jewelry is one of the most famous and widely purchased things when it comes to luxury and rich lifestyles. However, the world of jewelry is also a bit complicated, and it is not as simple as going to the store and getting the first item that looks good to you.

There are many different materials and things you need to know about when purchasing, so we decided to write an article that will serve as a useful guide. Today, we’re discussing sterling silver jewelry and everything you need to know before purchasing. Without further ado, let’s begin.


What is sterling silver jewelry?

Sterling silver is definitely one of the most popular materials used to make jewelry. One of the main reasons for this is its affordability, durability and good appearance. The mixture is about 92 percent silver, and the rest is a mixture of other metals, which is mostly copper because it will add more strength to it. To find out how can you clean the silver jewelry visit sonicsoak.com.

However, even in the sterling silver world, there are things you need to look out for. Not all sterling silver is made the same way, and every mixture is different as well. If you are a buyer, you need to know what to look for.


Important things to note when purchasing the sterling silver

If you are purchasing sterling silver in the United States, there is one thing that you should always be looking for. The engraving. Almost all of the legit and real sterling silver in the US is marked with either 925, .925 or 92,5. This is one of the ways that you can tell if you are purchasing an authentic and real product or not. Some other countries will have other marks and engravings, so you should do small research if you are planning to buy from there. According to prjewel.com, you should always be paying very close attention to the hallmark on any piece of jewelry that you are purchasing, so that you won’t end up with a product that is not legitimate.


Be careful if it says “plated”

If you are browsing online for a product, and you see the word “plated” in the name of the item, it means that it is not sterling silver. What it actually is, is an item usually made out of nickel or copper, coated in silver so that it looks better. Some people can easily get tricked into thinking that they are purchasing an item that is entirely made out of silver, and end up paying a lot more money for something that is just coated in it, not made out of it.


Entirely checking the item before buying

One of the advantages of buying in real life instead of online is that you can actually check the entire item yourself, with your own eyesight and touch. This is the best way to find out if everything is okay and that you are purchasing something that doesn’t have any damage to it or any other mistakes that have been made in the crafting process. For example, if you are buying a chain, you can easily see if there are any bends or kinks.