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Should You Buy A Skull Necklace

by William Gist

Before the famous rock stars like Keith Richards or Jon Bon Jovi started wearing skull rings and necklaces, Plato, Tibetan monks, and Herodotus claimed it is a symbol of vast power. At the beginning of the 15th century, people began wearing anything that reminded them of their mortality.

So, if you time traveled back to that era, you would be able to see people wearing skulls or skeletons around their necks, creating what is known as the “memento mori”. This term roughly translated to “remember you must die”. Of course, it is not one of the brightest sentiments, but death was different then we could have guessed.


For example, Queen Victoria took the idea and started the popular trend of memorial jewelry pieces which generally mark the inevitability of death which would commemorate the memory of a loved one who died, and in her case, that was the death of the King. Skulls made it back in the late ‘60s on the neck and hands of rock stars and now, you can see pendants of skulls studded with diamonds and around the necks of ladies having lunch.

Now that you know the history of wearing skull jewelry pieces, let’s take a look at what they represent and why you should have one in your jewelry box:

It represents toughness and bravery

During the era of Queen Elizabeth in Europe, pendants that featured a “Death’s Head Skull” which is a skull without the jaws were a reflection on the wearer’s acceptance of death. It was inspired by the symbolism of skull jewelry pieces during the previous decades and today you can see motorcycle club members, rock stars, and other groups of people wearing this jewelry to represent and signify their membership. Although skull pendants are often viewed as dangerous, this type of jewelry actually represents bravery and toughness. A lot of people wear skill pendants as a testament to their courage when they face adversity. People also wear skull pendants in order to increase their masculinity, display their inner strength, and boost their confidence.


Celebration of life

Hundreds of years ago, some civilizations like the Aztecs or Egyptians viewed skulls as a symbol of the never-ending cycle of death and rebirth. When they would prepare for ceremonies, a lot of members would use actual bones in order to create jewelry pieces. The modern celebration of the Mexican holiday known as the Dia de Los Muertos or the Day of the Dead has adopted some variations of the Aztec and Egyptian traditions. Accessories with skulls can also represent a celebration of a person’s own life or the rebirth transformation.


Fashion and Appeal

A lot of people who wear this type of jewelry are just drawn to the appeal of the items. According to www.bikerringshop.com, some women and men purchase designer pendants made with silver, gold, gemstones, or diamonds in order to complement their taste. Since there are various meanings related to skulls, the fashion industry did embrace the trend entirely. Most companies do recognize that people identify with skulls, hence the fashion industry continues to produce skull jewelry that features bold structures. The skulls are often incorporated with other items:

  1. Crossbones – it symbolizes danger, poison, and eternity
  2. Crosses – it represents the beginning of mankind
  3. Butterflies – it signifies the changing nature of life
  4. Snakes – it represents immortality and knowledge of the next world
  5. Wings – it represents freedom
  6. Bows – it represents a feminine embrace of the skull



Fashion icons, stars, and everyday people can be seen wearing a skull pendant with their favorite outfits and other jewelry pieces. It is timeless, attractive, and flexible. With its deep meaning, skull jewelry pieces will probably remain a trend for a long time.