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How Can Running Improve Fertility?

by William Gist

Obesity is one of the most common causes of infertility in both men and women. It is a condition which directly affects the normal functions of a body. It puts a lot of pressure on your heart and leads to health problems like high blood pressure. Blood pressure is another factor. High blood pressure indicates stress which is a ticking bomb for the body itself. Running can help you deal with both these problems, which makes it one of the best exercises to improve your fertility.

Apart from obesity, there are a lot of factors that affect fertility. Another important element the leads to infertility is an imbalanced BMI (body mass index). A higher body mass index (>30) is one of the most common causes of infertility. You can test your fertility with at home hormone test kits at BodyhealthIQ.com or with a professional in person to see where you stand.


All the above-mentioned issues are directly related to infertility in both men and women. Studies indicate that an active lifestyle can improve your health in many ways. RunRepeat has this list of more than 70 benefits of running. And when you are healthy, your chances of becoming a parent increases.

Balance your body weight:


A normal hormonal balance is required for a healthy menstrual cycle. There are a variety of hormones which are directly associated with fertility in women. Obesity disrupts hormones and leads to menstrual strain which can disrupt the normal cycle of body and affect fertility. Many studies highlight obesity as the main cause of infertility. It makes it hard for women to conceive. Obese women are more prone to miscarriages. An increase in abdominal fat indicates greater risks of infertility. All these issues can be avoided by a simple daily run.

Running can do wonders for your body and your life. Running is equal to an explosive for your calories as it burns them effectively. Moreover, running helps in reducing body fat percentage and subsequently it targets fatty areas of the body. Lower the abdominal fat, lower will be the risks of infertility.

Reversing PCOS:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a complex condition in women which hinder the regular menstrual cycle. Studies suggest that women suffering from this syndrome suffer from infertility as it restricts the normal production of eggs.

Fortunately, studies have also suggested an easy way out of this condition and recovering your normal menstrual cycle. Regular running and cardio can reverse the effect of the syndrome causing ovulation or the production of poor quality eggs.

Stabilizes emotional state


Stress is one of the leading factors that lead to a disrupted menstrual cycle. It affects you’re your fertility hormones in an adverse way. Therefore, it’s important for men and women to fix their emotional issues before they try for the baby.

People who are regular in running and jogging are emotionally stable and lead an emotionally stable life. This is especially important for women as regular running relieves anxiety and depression. it also improves the fertility ratio in women.

Increase testosterone level

Men who have a dormant lifestyle are prone to decrease in sperm count as well as in sperm health. Advancement in technology has restricted fieldwork to a mere call so the office work has made us less active.

Regular running and cardio can improve health and also increase sperm life and sperm strength. Running regularly results in increased production of testosterone an important male fertility hormone which is responsible for sperm production in the body.

Treatment for insulin resistance in body cells

A sedentary lifestyle is not only harmful to the body and mind. It also has severe effects on pregnancy. As discussed earlier an obese woman would have higher levels of infertility. Overweight women often develop insulin resistance. Their cells don’t take up insulin and they become pre-diabetic. Continuing living an unhealthy life, they end up getting diabetes.

One of the most natural ways to treat cell insulin resistance is to run at least 30 minutes a day.

Results in a healthier pregnancy


Pregnant women who reserve 30 minutes for running each day experience healthier pregnancies and eventually give birth to healthier children. Regular running during pregnancy not only keeps you healthy, but it also builds up strength to undergo labor which is a painful process.

Men and women with fertility problems should add regular running to their routines. It will improve their fertility while adding to their overall health.