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5 Ways to Prevent Falls in Seniors With Dementia

by Sinke Car

Falls could be very dangerous for seniors undergoing dementia. This, therefore, means an alarm should be raised to the professional caregivers and family. Whether an individual resides in a care facility or at home, regardless of their dementia stage, falls have a high likelihood of happening although they can be prevented.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), as a person grows old, the risks associated with the falling increase is due to factors such as sensory input, physical function, and cognition. According to research so far made, lower test on performance on decision making and attention is linked to slow walking, unstable feet, and regular falling. 


The main important thing about the study is that individuals who have mild’ cognitive impairment could be at high risk of dementia and falling in the future. Therefore, here are ways on how to prevent falls in seniors with Dementia.

Project coordinator at FirstCare Nursing Home Wicklow, Jane Byrne, points out that “there are many causes of dementia. The Most common is Alzheimer’s, though the symptoms of it can also be caused by a series of strokes, known as vascular dementia. “

Consider The Unmet Needs


Senior individual battling this illness could start wandering in the course of their condition progress and this is likely to direct them into unsafe areas. Wandering is an indication of unmet needs which a senior would be struggling to satisfy. For example, they could be struggling to identify the location of their telephone’ because they usually telephone their wife at 5 p.m. Therefore, rather than attempting to avoid wandering, you need to try by all means to redirect or distract their activities in order to ensure a person’s anxiety is never increased.

Provide Reminders and Information within a Common Place

Try coming up with an area for reminders or notes which can be read and accessed by individuals suffering from this illness. This can serve as dry erase board or cork’ bulletin. Through the use of a single location, it helps in process simplifying and offers an organized system. This ensures seniors do not necessarily need to move around gathering information.

Provide Essential Things Close to their Bed


One main issue associated with individuals suffering from dementia’ is the night confusion. Restless nights have a high likelihood of making them become so unsteady and tired. To help curb night wandering, experts recommend the keeping of highly essential items at the table which is located on their bedside. These may include a temporary source of light, water, telephone, and tissues.

Arrange for Sufficient Lighting

You realize dementia is likely to lead to the damage of the visual system and at the same time bring about misperceptions and illusions. Therefore, you need to ensure that home has sufficient lighting in each and every room in order to decrease the difficulties that come with sight. Those individuals suffering from dementia are likely to misinterpret, whatever’ they see. Therefore, lowering the dark places and shadows is very important.

Try to Lower The Levels of Noise


Individuals suffering from dementia tend to have greater sensitivity, especially to noise. Therefore, it is upon you to lower the level associated with white noise and the loud sounds within their vicinity. In case the level of noise continues to rise, it could bring about nervousness and anxiety which could make an individual’ suffering from dementia to have unsteady feet.

Dementia, among the aged, can be prevented hence ensuring great happiness to the people under this bracket. Therefore, with the above 5 ways to prevent falls in seniors with this illness; you can assure individuals battling it a great form of life ahead of them.